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  1. 16" Dual Purpose tires for GL500?

    Technical Help Forum
    I was wondering if anyone had any luck finding a pair of knobby (dual sport tires) that would fit the Honda gl500 safely. I’ve been looking but haven’t had any luck. The tread I’m looking doesn’t need to be crazy just a little more than the interstate tires I have on it now. There are plenty of...
  2. Honda GL500 Losing Power

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone! This is my first forum post so forgive me if I make any rookie mistakes. I am also new to the world of motorcycles. I recently acquired an 1981 Honda Silverwing rocking the GL500. It was running great until recently. I will tell you every detail I know just in case something stands...
  3. Lowering a 84 GL500

    General Discussion
    Hey yall, new to the forums here but hopefully i can get some good help and tips. ive got a 1984 gl500 silverwing interstate. dont worry, half the junk that comes on it is already off lol, but i know there are differences when compared to the cx's or non interstate gl's. (such as dual front disc...
  4. Gl500 stator low rpm working high rpm fried can I run the bike with a jumper

    Technical Help Forum
    Lakelizerd hear I have a GL500 that doesn't want to Rev past 5000 rpm and one of my nabours said that the stator has low rpm and high rpm windings and that the high rpm windings in my stator are fried but hear's the interesting part HE SAID THE BIKE CAN RUN WITH A JUMPER WIRE BETWEEN THE TWO...
  5. Just bought a 1981 Silverwing and I need a new rear brake light

    Technical Help Forum
    Will this rear light fit my 1981 GL500? 1X Red 1157 BAY15D 24 In-line LED Brake Turn Signal Rear Light Bulb Lamp DC 12V E028...