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  1. Motorcycle Classics

    General Discussion
    I got around to renewing my subscription to Motorcycle Classics and I am so pleased I did. I received the March/April issue and it contains an article on the Honda CX500. The featured bike is a 1978 CX500 restored by Larry Cargill. He restored it to concourse condition. There is a lot of useful...
  2. Barn fresh corrosion CX500 to Cafe' buffed

    General Discussion
    Hey Guys, So I decided I'll do something Iv never done and post the progress of my project as it goes along. I bought this 1979 CX500 (Deluxe?) off of craigslist for $400 two weeks ago sitting in a barn. It was sitting since it was parked in 2006ish the owner said, "ran when parked". Motor...
  3. Carolina Street Tracker 1980 CX500D

    Build Threads
    Have been working on & off on my Street Tracker project for a few years. Back on the project now, until completion. Have the frame, swing arm, drive shaft tube, and various components out for semi-gloss black powder coating. Also have a new Mac 2 into 1 exhaust system being ceramic coated flat...
  4. Say Hi from Thailand!!

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I'm a newbie here, i just got cx400, it in good condition, run smooth (in thailand we found cx400 and gl400 more than cx500) and have a plan to turn it in to scrambler, like the sketch. PS. sorry for my poor english
  5. CX500 Cafe Racer Finally Gets Some Decent Photos

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    There are a few more on my site if you're interested...MotoSynthesis