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  1. Water pump seal, 82 GL500

    Technical Help Forum
    I just bought a 1982 GL500 to restore. It's 98% original/complete. Only 5k miles Before I want to even think about starting it I am doing fluid changes, spark plugs, filters, etc... Today I changed the oil and found this white goo resting at the bottom facing side of the filter cap. From...
  2. Need a CX500 Deluxe Fuel Tank

    Where Can I Find...
    I have a 1980 CX500 Deluxe with a tank that's basically gone. I want to see if anyone on here is willing to part ways with theirs. Or if there is any secret to finding one that will fit on the CX500 Deluxe. Heard some people use the Custom tanks on the Deluxe but I don't know. Any thoughts???
  3. 81 CX500C Won't Fire - Newbie Needs Some Help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone! My 81 CX500C (cdi ignition) cafe project is so close to the finish line, but I keep getting held up. Let me explain. Bought it two years ago as a Craigslist find for $300. The odometer had 25,XXX miles on it, but it was definitely not running. Tore it down completely and...
  4. Carburetor missing part, can't find replacement

    Technical Help Forum
    Earlier this week while riding my CX, my bike starting bogging down dramatically. I could barely reach 20mph. I have had this happen before and I have usually fixed it by thoroughly cleaning my carbs so when I made it home I removed them and began to disassemble. Before I got to far I realized...
  5. My Bike Broke....

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    So I customized a gl500. The engine was working when I first got it so I decided I don't need to do anything with the engine. BUT now it isn't running unless I pull the choke. I think that the engine just isn't getting enough gas but iv'e cleaned the carb multiple times and I cant figure out...
  6. 82 CX500 wiring diagram with M-Unit

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey first time posting on here. I just tried to draw up my own wiring diagram to start to rewire my bike with an M-Unit. I think i've got it figured out, but im not 100%. Can anyone on here take a look and let me know if they see any major errors? Any help would be great!
  7. 79 cx500 c turn signal help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey so I have a 79 cx500 custom with a windjammer that recently got wrecked. Instead of sticking with the busted up windjammer I've decided just remove it and replace it with a headlight and turn signals. So I picked up some turn signals (with the brackets) for a 79 but I can't seem to figure...
  8. Gauge help!

    Technical Help Forum
    Right now I've got a 78 cx500 with the stock gauges and everything up by the handle bars Is all stock. Frankly I hate the way it looks, I have a 1940's police spotlight that I'd like to fab into a new headlight and I'd like to get a single gauge that looks something similar to this 2.5" Black...
  9. Problems with my first bike

    Technical Help Forum
    Here's a little background info before we get into it, recently bought an original 1978 Honda cx500 from a family member. It sat for a about 4 years after he replaced the alternator, statter and did a carb rebuild. Going into it I knew it had an oil leak (bad seal on the back casing) and it...
  10. 1981 CX500E losing all power

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys, I just picked my 1981 CX500E up from the shop after getting its road worth certificate done. Riding home I only made it 2km before I noticed a significant lack of power in 4th and 5th gear and then the bike stalled. I tried to restart the bike but didn't have enough battery to kick her...
  11. No power, wont run!

    Technical Help Forum
    I was messing with the bike today, and up till the point that i actually wanted to drive it the lights came on when I turned the key. Suddenly, when I turn the key nothing happens. No lights, wont crank, nothing, like I have no battery or something. I checked the battery and all the fuses and...
  12. 81 CX500 Deluxe Fork Seal replacement HELP!!!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, New Member....I'm at the end of a long build and I need to replace my fork seals but every service manual has a different fork than is on the 81 cx500D and I can not for the life of me figure out how to take them apart, if someone can direct me to a service guide or has any info on...
  13. what does the right side cover, cover?

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a 79 cx500 custom. And i have no idea what goes under this cover.
  14. Stolen!

    General Discussion
    Hey guys. If you could keep your eyes open for me I just took my wife to work at 3:30am this morning and my bike is missing as of then. I parked it at 5:30 or so and last saw it around 8:30pm on the 12th of November. As of 3:30am the 13th it is gone. I am assuming it will be for sale online some...
  15. 1981 gl500 runs, but no power?

    General Discussion
    The last time I rode my gl500 was before I deployed in late 2009. I had finished customizing it earlier in the year after over two years of building. Since I got home in late 2010 I've been building my business back up and adding little ones to our family. Today I finally sat down and worked on...
  16. Fork Rebuild - Third spring in one fork?!?!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, I’m after a little help with the fork rebuild I’m doing on my ’78 CX, I’ve pulled apart the two forks and I seem to have an extra spring in one of the forks. The FSM makes no reference to it and I’ve searched through the forums to try and see if anyone else has experienced this but no...
  17. Electrical Problem...Help!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, Im running a 1982 gl500. I have had a short problem for a few months now. When I use my turn signal, the front ones work but the back ones both flash, no matter which direction. This I could live with because i didn't have much time to troubleshoot. If anyone knows how to isolate...
  18. What are these called?… new to motorcycles

    General Discussion
    Recently I purchased an 81 cx500C, which has been fun and fairly simple to work with since its running. The guy I bought it from removed many things and the wiring is ridiculous. its a bunch of loose ends twisted together. I removed the radiator looking to see if the turn signal relays are still...
  19. What type of throttle do I have? Push or pull?

    Technical Help Forum
    So I have a stock 79 cx500 D and I need to make new cables. I want to order a cable to cut to size but I am not sure what style my stock cable is for the throttle. I know when I get on the throttle I pull back almost in a downward motion. It has two cables coming out from the bottom of the unit...