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  1. Piston ring problem

    Technical Help Forum
    My resto project 82GL was fairly easy to get running. Rebuilt/cleaned the carbs, threw in a new battery, air filter and spark plugs and away she goes. Although I don't have the tools to check I had a sneaking suspicion it may not have been getting good pressure and possibly leakdown problems...
  2. Dreaded weep hole

    Technical Help Forum
    Folded up a bit of shop towel and put it under the weep hole of my 1982 GL500 resto project. These are the results after it only running for 5-20 minutes a few times while I've been tuning the carbs. The was-blue shop towel is now the green shade of new coolant I put in after a radiator...
  3. White smoke?

    Technical Help Forum
    Started up my 82 GL500 for the first time in a questionable amount of years and noticed some (maybe) white smoke. I've searched the interwebs but have had a hard time finding an exact explanation with images of exhaust smoke and what it means, to compare to. It has brand new oil + filter...
  4. New GL500 rider in OKC, OK, with some minor issues...

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! I want to say that this forum has already saved my a** about 5-10 times in the last two weeks of owning my 82 GL500! My father has owned this GL500 since I was 2, which is at least 25 years now. He upgraded to a goldwing a few years back and this was just sitting in the shed so I took...
  5. 1982 CX500 - New Buyer

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a road bike in the spring and have the opportunity to buy an 82 CX500 Custom for ~$200 from a family friend. I've ridden track and trial for a while, but have not owned a road bike, if you think this isn't a good first road bike let me know and I'll look into...
  6. Starting A CX500

    General Discussion
    Hey Im new to the forum. I just bought a 79 CX500. I go to college and winter break is coming up wile i have the time I want to get it clean and running, and hopefully do a few things to make it look a little closer to the cafe racer/ bratt style look. Any one have any suggestions on mods that...
  7. Stripped thread on rear camshaft water pump

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi forum! I'm made it back after a year and 42,000 km on my CX500 around North and Central america. Had to rebuild the engine a couple times, so I'm getting better at taking care of my CX. In the last rebuilt I used half of another engine to fix the problems i had, but the camshaft's rear...
  8. Turns Over Randomly

    Technical Help Forum
    My bike won't turn over unless i start to roll it in neutral like it doesn't realize its in neutral. Any idea what causes this.
  9. Need help with jetting

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi so I took my stock air box off to switch out for pod filters and now my bike seems like it's getting to much air only other thing done to the bike is I took the baffles out of the stock exhaust do I need bigger jets and if so what size should i buy also what is the stock size
  10. Top Speed not very fast

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey My bike seems to top out at maybe 70. I was going up a mountain pass and my bike started acting funny today and totally slowed down hasn't happened before but I have only ridden the pass once before. Any suggestions of things to tweak or replace will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Need side covers 79 cx500

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Anybody have side covers for sale I'm in Utah. It's a 79 cx500 here's a pic in not sure what side covers I need.
  12. Rear Coolant Leak

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all, I am about to purchase a 1979 CX500 custom as my first bike. Bike is running fine, the only issue my friends dad (very mechanically knowledgeable) was able to spot was a coolant leak when we started the bike. the leak can be seen on on the right side of the bike where the water pipe...
  13. Sharpen up battery area 79 cx500

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hey guys any ideas to sharpen up this bad boy. I bought this bike this way. I have some shrink wrap tubes but I was wondering if any of you have just moved the battery and wiring elsewhere.
  14. Front signals don't flash rear do.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys My front led bullet signal lights don't flash my rear strip led do. Is there a second relay i need to replace? or maybe I need resistors? Any suggestions would be great.
  15. need signal light ideas

    Where Can I Find...
    Hey I'm new to the forum. not sure how this works.just got a cx 500 thats kind of a bobber and i'm having a hard time figuring what to do for rear signal lights so i can pass utahs state inspection. also im looking for a front fender if you have any ideas let me know please.
  16. New owner/rider need help left petcock on

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, Starting out real strong. Picked up a 1980 cx500 custom for cheap yesterday, and left the petcock on overnight (9 hours). Looks like some fuel has leaked. I checked the oil and it was pretty low, below the crosses on the dipstick so I dont think too much leaked into there. Is this...
  17. CX500C rod bearing help

    Technical Help Forum
    I have an 82 cx500c and had some lower case noise. Pulled the motor apart for the first time and my rod bearings are shot. Anyone thought of using another motors rod bearing for the 500 and having the crank ground to the size needed? Im going to call ACL bearings monday to see if the can find...
  18. 1982 GL500- New to me, need some advice!

    Technical Help Forum
    Alright, so I've been on this site for a while now reading as much as I can. I previously owned a 1980 CX500 that I used in grad school and eventually sold, but I have recently bought a 1982 GL500. I know the bikes are very similar, but the problems I am experiencing with this bike are very...
  19. Good deal on a first bike?

    General Discussion
    What I'm looking at is a Bobbed 1981 CX500. I've been wanting to get a motorcycle for quite some time, but have only been seriously looking to buy for a few weeks. I wouldn't be opposed to something a bit newer or sportier, but I also really dig the look and style of certain bobbers. This one...
  20. Fork (front end) and tank questions

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I recently bought a CX500 80' which had already had some work done on it. I am in the process of designing the bike and i would like some help determining which donor forks would best suit my design. I am looking for shorter length fork than the stock CX500 forks to match the already lowered...