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  1. gl500i 1982 fuel valve rebuild

    Technical Help Forum
    When the fuel valve is in the ‘on’ position the fuel flows as it should. When the valve is turned to ‘off’ or ‘reserve’ the valve leaks around the selector lever [off, on, reserve] where it enters the body of the valve. I run the machine without difficulty but it would be nice to have the...
  2. GrampaEJ's '82 GL500I

    GrampaEJ's '82 GL500I

  3. Looking for Parts

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello I have a 81 Honda silver wing Gl500 and i am looking for the following items if you have them please let me know Front fairing with wiring harness off a GL500 Interstate model or Gl650 Interstate model Rear Blinkers with extenders off a GL500I or Gl650I Interstate model Saddle Bags...
  4. GL500i - General questions about starting a non-runner

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone hows it going, I'm happy to be a part of this forum! I'm writing to you from Seattle having just picked up an 81 GL500i over the weekend. I looked around to see if I could find a similar thread but I couldn't, so figured I'd say hi and ask an easy question to the pro enthusiasts :)...
  5. 1982 Gl500 interstate MC Piston Size?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I have been searching the threads and can not find one that mentioned the MC piston size for the aforementioned bike. The bike is a dual disc four total piston set up. Any help or (links to a MC) would be appreciated. Thanks Kris K
  6. Can I eliminate the air hose on GL500 forks?

    Technical Help Forum
    So I'm looking at swapping the front end of my CX500 with a GL500 Interstate for the dual rotor / caliper look. The only thing I'm not crazy about (aesthetically) is the air hose and fillers on the top of the fork tubes. I was wondering what I'd be losing (other than adjustability) by...
  7. Back Yard Spanner Spinner - 1982 Gl500i Cafe Build

    Build Threads
    Good Afternoon CX500 forum, I figured it was about time I start a build thread for my GL500 cafe project, I wanted to do this for a couple reasons, firstly because I would like to provide help to anyone who may be struggling with the same issues I did/still am, secondly it would be great to...
  8. 1982 GL500I Front Axle Alignment HELP!

    Technical Help Forum
    All, Looking for some help while I'm working on my wife's bike. It's a 1982 GL500I with dual front brakes. I recently replaced the fork seals (pretty straightforward job) and now I'm trying to mount the front axle back up and it seems like the lower fork legs are too spread apart. Almost like...
  9. Another GL500i brake problem post.

    General Discussion
    I've read a number of posts regarding the twin front calipers on a 82 GL500i. Nothing quite lines up with my problem. Thought I'd toss it out to forum members who know more than I do. Appreciate any insight. My GL500i front brakes work fine. No problems. Except that after I ride for a...
  10. 1982 Gl500 Mono Shock Conversion

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hello, I am looking to do a conversion of my original mono shock to a different better looking/ better performing shock and I wanted to know if there were any suggesting of mono shocks from other bikes that would convert over to the Gl500 relatively easily, i.e. require no welding. I know some...
  11. GL500i Side bags + Trunk. Cleveland OH, $100

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I sadly had to sell my GL500i a while ago, and have had these bags sitting around ever since. Paid $150 for the set, only asking $100. I would prefer local pickup in Cleveland, OH. I would be willing to look into shipping, but it won't be cheap for these things! All details + pics are on the CL...
  12. Putting heads back on

    Technical Help Forum
    I have an 81 GL 500. blew head gasket and need to fix myself. I have already removed heads and cleaned them up. valves look good. just want to put heads back on. I don't know torque weight or if there is a sequence or tip I need to know before going back on. Has anyone put heads back on that...
  13. Need a Gl500i left caliper

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey guys, turns out the previous owner broke the bleeder off of the left caliper of my 82 Gl500i. After messing with it for a while I decided the remaining part is pretty stuck so I'm looking to buy another one. If anybody has one let me know, Thanks - Zac
  14. New to the forum and motorcycles

    Technical Help Forum
    Please help! I picked up my first Motorcycle a couple of months ago (an 82 GL500i) and I am having what I believe to be an electrical issue with it. It started the other day when I rode two-up for the first time. After traveling a couple of miles the bike started to run funny, would not make...
  15. thinking of selling my 1982 gl500i

    General Discussion
    My gl500i has been sitting in my barn for about a year with a significant oil leak on the top right side of the front engine gasket (just behind the engine mount). It has about 55k miles and a few cosmetic problems. It has all three bags, the passenger seat that can be swapped with the top...
  16. A GL looking for direction

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hello Everyone, Well finally winter is over and summer is almost here! A long winter has resulted in the photos below. Now with spring I am looking for some direction on were to take this project. Some of the work I did: Repainted frame Replaced fork oil Replaced air shock with xvs1100 mono...
  17. GL500i SilverWing 1981 rear cover oil leak

    General Discussion
    I just bought a 1981 GL500i. I love the bike and want to overcome the hidden flaw. I bought it from a guy that had three and said this one was just sitting and not going to good use. After a few hundred miles the rear cover started to leak up high on the cover. I have done some small stuff...
  18. 81 GL500 Silverwing Interstate - Repair or Salvage?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, Long time reader of the forum, first-time post. I've got an '81 GL 500 Silverwing Interstate that I picked up a few years back... was in decent shape, but had been neglected for a couple of decades. It was nursed back to health and ridden weekly for about the last 12 months, and...
  19. GL500I No spark on the left side

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi! I been lucking awhile but this is my first post recently bought a 82 interstate and it has no spark on the left. The mechanic said after looking that its the pulse generator but it would be about 5hrs worth of labor for him to do it. I'm having them bring it back home and I want to...