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  1. Wont go over 5k rpm

    Technical Help Forum
    Ive done everything i can think of to my 82 gl500 and it wont go over 5k rpm. At 5k the right cylinder quits firing. Ive done the carbs as well as i know carbs. Hooked up timing light. Rebuilt engine due to low compression. Done everything i know and am having issues. Its been a 7 month...
  2. Cut out over 5k rpm

    Technical Help Forum
    So I'm 18 years old abd heading off to college this fall. I got my motorcycle liscense and picked up 1982 gl500 back in December of 2019 and bought it to have a bike in college as i have been riding dirt bike since i was a little kid and wanted a street bike. I completely rebuilt the motor. Only...
  3. 1st Bike and its a Project. GL500 Cafe Racer.

    Technical Help Forum
    Just bought an '81 GL500 off a guy for $900. It runs great but isn't driveable. Here is my list of things I need to do to make it road worthy. -Diagnose/repair Oil Leak -Install head light -Order/install new seat(s?) -Remove sunken/destroyed bolt -Install new head bolt -Order battery mount or...
  4. Looking for a rotor

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello everyone It has been a while since I've been on here. I am looking for a good brake rotor or 2 for an 82 GL500. I know this is a cx forum but it is replacing a bad rotor on a cx650. New ones are about impossible to find at a reasonable price and I trust this forum more than eBay
  5. WTB Left Side Panel/Battery Cover for GL500

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I just picked up a super clean '82 GL500 and the left side panel flew off of the bike while I was riding it on the highway. I see tons of right side panels for sale online, but the left side panel seems to be mysteriously rare. Does anyone have this part and willing to sell? The color I'm...
  6. Mystery wire under seat, front brake not activating brake light

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey there folks, uh.. somehow lost my old account email/password. I've bought a new project I'm eager to get working on but trying to fix the last few issues with my 82 GL500i, the front brake lever doesn't activate the brake light, but the back brake pedal does. I don't know a damn thing about...
  7. gl500 intake boots

    Selling and Buying Forum
    As im sure this has been posted before- apologies in advance. Just trying to get my 81 gl500 to run better and im pretty sure ive got some air leaks. id love to have one less thing to worry about. cx500 boots have aftermarket substitutes but for some reason gl500 boots are ridiculously hard to...
  8. Rusty valves

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, I'm in the process of restoring an 82 GL500. I've just completed a carb clean/rebuild and while cleaning the boots I noticed a potential problem. Here is how it was left when I bought it; carbs off, boots loose. Here's the inside, both sets of intake valves have rust. So what am I to...
  9. Water pump seal, 82 GL500

    Technical Help Forum
    I just bought a 1982 GL500 to restore. It's 98% original/complete. Only 5k miles Before I want to even think about starting it I am doing fluid changes, spark plugs, filters, etc... Today I changed the oil and found this white goo resting at the bottom facing side of the filter cap. From...
  10. Simple I'm guessing ? 82 gl500

    Technical Help Forum
    So my bike pulls when I shift into first the handle peices are basically loose as it can.. the part that tightens the handle itself..and I have messed with the clutch lever a little but I'm still having issues how does the clutch lever effect the handle end if at all or what's my problem?
  11. Rusted Right Cylinder Wall - Paths Forward?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I am the owner of a $180, back-yard-dwelling '82 GL500 Interstate with ~20k miles. It has no title, no keys, no battery, and has been sitting outside for the past 5-10 years. I believe it has a 2012 inspection sticker on it, so I suppose it hasn't been sitting quite as long as some other...
  12. Need help with 82 gl500 rear fender

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey I'm in highschool and I'm restoring/building a 1982 gl500 that my dad picked up for me for $450. I sanded all the paint off and bought a paint gun for pretty cheap and taught myself how to paint and it's coming along good. I dropped the oil, bought new silencers, and rebuilt the carbs. The...
  13. Looking for emulsion tubes

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Looking for the dreaded emulsion tube/nozzle Honda part #16166-415-003, destroyed in removal. Does anyone have one? Are there suitable replacements from a similar carb? I’ve checked with Sudco and it’s a Honda part only. Any help or ribbing will be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
  14. Low Compression

    Technical Help Forum
    Okay i'm not new to the forum but this is a new thread for the same bike i have been working on; the other is "ignition issues". So i quick run down on what i have done and whats going on: New battery, new coils, new plugs boots and wires, new ignition switch and start/kill switch, starter...
  15. 1981 gl500 front end on a 1982 cx500c

    Custom How To
    Hi there, new member here. Almost time to put away the bike here in Montreal. Bought this bike September 2018, rode it for a couple months, put it away. Got it out this year, changed oils and rode it almost as-is all year, just to enjoy it before working on it. (Changed squealing rear brake...
  16. GL500 off road.

    General Discussion
    Not terribly rough, but fun anyway. Duro HF904 tire on the rear, Shinko 705 dual sport on the front no problems in the soft stuff. Going to plan a 'dispersed camping trip' in the state forest soon.
  17. Just some sunset pics on the Columbia River

    Travelling, Friends, and Trips
    It's been hot so I decided to cool off on the shores of the Columbia River. Beautiful evening, calm, refreshing. Love this bike.
  18. 82 GL500 losing power in 4th gear at 4k-5k rpm

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a problem with my 82 GL500 which just started all of sudden today. So the bike starts fine and idles as normal, but when I get to 4th gear and around 4k to 5k rpm the power just falls off. If I drop down to 3rd gear or lower and open the throttle, there is no loss of power as rpm...
  19. Greetings from Northern NY!

    New Member Introductions
    Name: Andrew Bartlett Location: Adams Center, NY Age: 29 First bike purchase: 1981 GL500 Silverwing Date of Purchase: June 2019 Hey all! Took the Basic RiderCourse a number of years ago, with the intention of getting a bike immediately. Life got in the way, but I finally got my hands on my...
  20. Buying an '82 Silver Gl500

    General Discussion
    My buddy is selling is 82 Silverwing. Runs great. Rides good. He is a mechanic and keeps up on the oil changes, tune ups etc. The bike seems to be in alright condition cosmetically. I am wondering what common issues potentially could arise, what bolt on performance parts are available, what the...