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gl500 silverwing

  1. Spotted - Northern WI (Iron River - not mine)

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Parked and presumably for sale, although it didn't have a sign on it when I stopped to take pictures. Pretty sure one had been there the first time I went by. Didn't find it on craigslist either, so maybe it's already sold. Silverwing GL500 parked at the intersection of Deep Lake Road & US 2...
  2. Greetings from Northern NY!

    New Member Introductions
    Name: Andrew Bartlett Location: Adams Center, NY Age: 29 First bike purchase: 1981 GL500 Silverwing Date of Purchase: June 2019 Hey all! Took the Basic RiderCourse a number of years ago, with the intention of getting a bike immediately. Life got in the way, but I finally got my hands on my...
  3. 81 GL500 Siverwing - Desperately need Front fork tubes

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all - I recently inherited a 1981 Silverwing GL500 Interstate in very good shape. It is currently with a dealer to make it roadworthy and things had been looking good but it requires front-fork tubes (Part #51410-MA1-003). Honda no longer makes this part and I have been searching...
  4. My Bike Broke....

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    So I customized a gl500. The engine was working when I first got it so I decided I don't need to do anything with the engine. BUT now it isn't running unless I pull the choke. I think that the engine just isn't getting enough gas but iv'e cleaned the carb multiple times and I cant figure out...
  5. new aftermarket front turn signals 82 GL500 Interstate

    Custom How To
    Hello, I have a 82 Honda GL500 Interstate SilverWing I picked up a few weeks ago, I'm a junior tech at the Honda Powersports shop I work at so I come across a lot of cheap upgrade (which is how I wound up with these) but I'm stuck on an issue. I am in the middle of converting the front end from...
  6. 1982 Gl500 Mono Shock Conversion

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hello, I am looking to do a conversion of my original mono shock to a different better looking/ better performing shock and I wanted to know if there were any suggesting of mono shocks from other bikes that would convert over to the Gl500 relatively easily, i.e. require no welding. I know some...
  7. Need rght hand control starter button/kill switch

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Looking for the right hand control of a 82 gl500. Namely the starter button/kill switch control
  8. Newbie 82 HOnda GL500 Owner

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys. Just got an 82 gl500 2 weeks ago. I have never rebuilt anything and Am looking forward to the challenge. Ended up getting a running gl500 for $400(maybe overpaid maybe not. Oh well) Here are the issues I have seen so far and the potential solution to this problem. (I have little...
  9. 1981 gl500 runs, but no power?

    General Discussion
    The last time I rode my gl500 was before I deployed in late 2009. I had finished customizing it earlier in the year after over two years of building. Since I got home in late 2010 I've been building my business back up and adding little ones to our family. Today I finally sat down and worked on...
  10. GL500 take off parts for sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    All parts are off of an 81 GL 500 Rear fender has a scratch near the bottom near perfect tail light $25 + actual shipping. Rear seat, cover is torn $20+shipping Side covers, one tab broken off on the left cover, the other is in very good shape $50 for the set? + shipping Center stand...
  11. Intake manifolds for GL500

    General Discussion
    Hi, does anyone know where I can get new rubber boots or how to repair them for an 82 GL500? mine are cracked to hell so I have small leaks right at the carb necks.
  12. 1981 GL500 SilverWing For Sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Been in the family since purchased new in 1981. Has 43,700 miles, mix of city and highway. Always parked in the garage when not being ridden. New tires front and back. New battery, new front brake pads. Have all maintenance records and logs since 1981. Have the interchangeable back seat and...