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  1. RPM and Speed gauge readings fluctuating at high speed

    Technical Help Forum
    Noticed today on my 1983 CX650C that at around 70 mph, the rpm gauge needle fluctuates 500 rpm and the speed gauge needle fluctuates 4 mph while the engine and speed appear steady. Vibration is normal. Noticed this on backroads and on interstate. Motorcycle and engine have been operating...
  2. CX 650C - Need Some Guidance With The Cooling System

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys, I need some assistance with my cooling system. My main problem right now is with the temperature gauge. The PO said the bike sat for about 3 years before I bought it. He reported the last few times he rode it the temp gauge worked only sporadically. So far I've flushed all the...
  3. Gauge help!

    Technical Help Forum
    Right now I've got a 78 cx500 with the stock gauges and everything up by the handle bars Is all stock. Frankly I hate the way it looks, I have a 1940's police spotlight that I'd like to fab into a new headlight and I'd like to get a single gauge that looks something similar to this 2.5" Black...
  4. Gl650 voltage reg. Acting weird !!

    Technical Help Forum
    Have an 83 gl650. The temp gauge not working so I tested it with a 6 volt battery and it went up, so I know it works then I tested the 7 v regulator and I was not getting the 7 v so I thought Bingo, but when I unplugged the green wire coming from the sending unit the regulator gave me a full 7...