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  1. Blown fuses

    Technical Help Forum
    So my main fuse keeps blowing shortly after I try and start the bike. It is a 20 amp fuse and a friend suggested I switch to a 30 amp fuse. Now I know usually the answer for that is a big NO, but the guy I bought it from in the ad put that he had bought a new CDI starter to upgrade it to a 12...
  2. Electical problems, have no idea what to do

    Technical Help Forum
    Was changing out a fuse from the center box on the handlebars and my keys slid down and touched the fuses while key was in the ignition. What resulted was a big spark and main fuse blew. Now I have no power at all. Battery is fully charged and main fuse was changed but I have no idea what to...
  3. 1981 GL500 fuses

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone. First post, first bike, likely NOT my first headache. I am having some electrical problems with my lights in general. I'm new to electrical but I want to be self-sufficient and solve what I can where I can. The GL500 wiring diagram shows a main 30 amp fuse and the 4 10 amp fuses...
  4. Main fuse problems

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all, I'm the new owner of a 1980 CX500 Deluxe and also new to the motorcycle world. After purchasing this beauty of a bike I encountered a blown fuse on my first ride(Glass Fuses); A trip to a local auto store yielded a new fuse. When I returned home to change the fuse I neglected to...
  5. Main Fuse Modification (First Project on my GL500)

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey hey hey! I'm about to undertake my first project on my '82 GL500. Looking to do the Main Fuse Modification ( This is my first project, so if you have any: "Remember to do X" or "Don't forget about X, Y, Z", I would appreciate any and all...
  6. Loud pop then everything went dead.

    Technical Help Forum
    The other day I was riding around on maybe third gear at roughly 25 miles per hour with around 5000 rpms when suddenly I heard a pop noise and my rpms quickly dropped and I had to pull over. I turned the key off then back on but nothing was turning on at all. All the power had been cut so I...