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  1. Opaque Front Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir, What to Do?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey folks, I just recently purchased my bike (thanks to encouragement from this community) and I'm going to start the process of tinkering with it so I can learn a thing or two about mechanics. The item that I'm likely going to get started on right away is the master cylinder. I don't know if...
  2. 1980 CX500 Custom - Front Brake Replacement Caliper?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Everyone - can you make some suggestions on front brake calipers that bolt onto my 1980 cx500 custom? Was hoping there may be something new out there I could buy that does not require mods.... Any suggestions?? If not, what should I buy to replace mine? I think the previous owner used...
  3. aftermarket front brake/ master cylinder options?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi guys, Starting to convert my cx500 into a caferacer and the front brake master cylinder has brake fluid, after pumping it has compression but does not engage the front brake. If anybody knows a quick fix that would be great but Im also after options to replace the system with something a...
  4. 82 GL500 front brake pads retraction

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys, My first (real) post here, about my first motorcycle, the '82 GL500. Last night I replaced the front brake pads without too many issues, and bled the brakes to be sure nothing would get stuck in the MC. After replacing the brake pads I took the bike around town and everything seemed...
  5. Front Caliper Issues

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Folks Ive been having issues with my twin piston front brake caliper (One of the pistons wasn't engaging) so I decided to order a Brake Crafter rebuild kit and new pads (definitely needed the pads, the two pistons were fine). I just finished rebuilding the caliper and bled the brake but it...
  6. Help with Front Brake diagnosis?

    Technical Help Forum
    Well the guy I got the bike from couldnt find out what was wrong with the front brake, said it was not leaking. (also didnt really put to much effort in). So he drained it. So I have a drained front brake that does not work. What are some steps that I could use to go about seeing what is wrong...
  7. For Sale: OEM Sight glass replacement - front brake reservoir sight glass

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey guys, I recently had to replace the sight glass on my front brake reservoir. It was probably original, definitely damaged from years of riding, and broke when I was adjusting the grips. I looked around for replacements, but nothing local or online seemed like good options. I found a...
  8. 1978 CX 500 Front Brake Dragging

    Technical Help Forum
    Howdy all, Could use a bit of help on this one because hydraulic brakes can be a bit of a pain for me. I recently pulled both wheels off to put on new tires, after doing so the rear wheel functions perfectly. However, the front brake is dragging by a decent amount to the point where my brakes...