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  1. Where Can I Find...
    In need of Fork Assy or Fork Tubes/Slider for my 1982 CX500. Any thoughts or ideas on where to find these parts would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. Technical Help Forum
    Hello I have found a complete CBR600RR bike (no engine) from which I want the complete front end. Is it possible with a this particular bike from the year 2006? And what is the complete list of parts I need from the CBR600RR in order to get in on my CX500 from '80? /Steffen
  3. Technical Help Forum
    Alright, in rebuilding the forks so I can paint the lower fork body. I can't for the life of me seem to get the fork seal out. I tried pulling, prying, boiling it in water... I need some other ideas. I can't find munch information on this so I feel as if it really should be so difficult. Please...
  4. CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hi Guys. I've just purchased a 1980 CX500, and plan to modernise and minimise. I previously owned a GL500C which I loved to bits, but which was eventually sold in favour of something that went really really fast, but had no soul. One item that I have on my hit list, which I've never done...
1-4 of 4 Results