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  1. Newbee hoping to transform a basket case

    General Discussion
    Hi, I'm posting from good ol Eire and have just acquired a very ratty 1980 CX500a (non runner, with a previous blown head gasket) and am hoping to strip and restore into a cafe racer style a la all the lovely examples on the net. As this will be my first complete restoration I'm hoping the...
  2. Newbie 82 HOnda GL500 Owner

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys. Just got an 82 gl500 2 weeks ago. I have never rebuilt anything and Am looking forward to the challenge. Ended up getting a running gl500 for $400(maybe overpaid maybe not. Oh well) Here are the issues I have seen so far and the potential solution to this problem. (I have little...
  3. wiring with the stator 1981 cx500 c

    General Discussion
    Hey guys I'm right in the middle of a build and got hung up, I got a new stator off ebay to replace my old one, when I got it I noticed it only had 3 yellow old one had 3 yellow a wight and a blue. Is this a updated stator, do you splice into the yellow wires for them. the...
  4. Another Budget Cx500 Custom Cafe Build

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hey all! I picked up a 79 cx500 custom for $600 and a non running bike. Over past month i have collected some parts: Clubman bars, gum grips, front brake pads, brake fluid, oil filter and oil, materials to "raw" my tank, heat proof paint for my wheels, exhaust etc., carb rebuild kits, and having...