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  1. '81 Deluxe Front Fender Not Compatible with '81 Deluxe? Huh? (Interchangeability)

    Technical Help Forum
    "Technical Help"? Sure, maybe this is the right category. I'd like to raise my hand and bring to the forum's attention a "funny" I just encountered. I finally tackled something I've wanted to do since I got the bike a year-and-a-half ago: Replacing the damaged original fender. I intended...
  2. Custom rear fender that works

    Where Can I Find...
    First time post! I recently cut the second seat off my GL500 to make it a single seater. I have looked all over ebay to try and find something that works for the butt. I wanted to get a custom fender but not sure where to go, and whatever I find is over my budget. Any links or ideas on how to...
  3. How to remove rail bars (helmet/luggage bars?) on the back of an '81 GL500?

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm stripping my GL500 to get it painted and have almost everything off, but I can't seem to removed the rear fender. I have all the bolts off and I can pivot it up and down, but it's still held on by the two bars on the rear of the bike. Anyone know how to remove them? Pic below.
  4. Fender rubbing against the tire. Silvering 650GLI '83

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I am in the middle of rebuilding my brake calipers for the front wheel and I am almost done. I went to put the front wheel back on and spun it a few times just to make sure everything was fine. To my dismay, it wasn't. It turns out the front wheel is rubbing against the back of the...