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  1. My Electric Fan Conversion

    General Discussion
    So the summer heat combined with worsened traffic resultant of several construction projects involving major roadways in the area has prompted me to make the switch to an electric fan. While I wasn't running into overheating under intended conditions, the mechanical fan is just he opposite of...
  2. Honda CX500 Electrical issue.

    Technical Help Forum
    Good morning! I have rebuilt a 79 honda barn find over the past year and took it on its maiden voyage yesterday where I began to encounter some problems. Firstly upon starting the engine seemed ok (a bit sluggish because it wasn't warmed up, fine). Problem 1) I kicked it down into first gear...
  3. Oil leak through the cooling fan

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys! Im new to this forum and really excited to be here! I'm Looking forward to buy a used Honda cx500, it is really cheap on the price (around 600 dollars). The thing is, it's really cheap since the last time the owner used it, it started leaking oil through the cooling fan. He said it...
  4. Gl650 voltage reg. Acting weird !!

    Technical Help Forum
    Have an 83 gl650. The temp gauge not working so I tested it with a 6 volt battery and it went up, so I know it works then I tested the 7 v regulator and I was not getting the 7 v so I thought Bingo, but when I unplugged the green wire coming from the sending unit the regulator gave me a full 7...
  5. Proud New GL6560 Owner

    General Discussion
    Greetings! New owner here but a long time rider. Have always liked the CX series of bikes - but never had one until now... Lucky enough to find an '83 time capsule that I really could not refuse. It's a GL650 Standard (Nimbus Gray) w/only a little over 7000 original miles - and looks it...