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  1. Seeking advice regarding Polishing/cleaning engine block

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, this would be my first post, I'm a reasonably new cx500 owner. Putting some work on my 1980 custom. Was just wondering if someone knew the best method for cleaning up the engine block, mine has a fair bit of corrosion and doesnt look great. I would like to keep it semi close to the...
  2. Rookie Mistake: broken cover, part in engine

    Technical Help Forum
    Long story short: I was looking to do a valve clearance check. My mind was somewhere else. I was turning the cover of the crank bolt in the wrong direction and it broke. The Broken part must be in the engine. I haven't touched it once I realized this. That missing piece looks too big to...
  3. Triple bypass questions for CX500 turbo

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    I started the triple bypass process on one of my 2 turbos. Learning a lot about the bike. Anyway, Engine is out. That was an interesting experience but it actually went pretty good. I did not set any speed records, LOL. But it is out. I have questions in the following areas: 1) I...