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  1. Main fuse problems

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all, I'm the new owner of a 1980 CX500 Deluxe and also new to the motorcycle world. After purchasing this beauty of a bike I encountered a blown fuse on my first ride(Glass Fuses); A trip to a local auto store yielded a new fuse. When I returned home to change the fuse I neglected to...
  2. Wiring a 82 honda silverwing gl500 help PLZ

    Technical Help Forum
    I need help figuring out where these lose wires go 1 is a green/black fused with a green non fused wire (left) than the connection on the rite i can not seem be able locate either. It is my 1st bike & have plans of bobbin it out with my dad. But hes a harley guy so this foreign stuff is just...
  3. New Flasher Relay, Now Turn Signals Won't Work at All.

    Technical Help Forum
    Sorry if this topic is posted somewhere else already, but I tried for an hour and couldn't find it. I've got a 1982 gl500 that's pretty much stock with some new incandescent turn signals installed. The original two prong flasher relay went bad so I replaced it with a new one that also had two...
  4. 1981 GL500 Headlight Dim on fairing

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All - great group - taking a chance on this: 1981 GL500 - Made it through the Canadian winter seemingly OK - Except: My front headlight, on the Shadown Royale Fairing - has gone dim - this happened at the end of last season. I had a spare headlight, which I recently connected to the same...
  5. Possible electrical problems

    Technical Help Forum
    Help! Electrical problems? I've got a '78 CX500 that's been having some strange issues. About a year ago it started acting up. When I would take the bike on a ride longer than 15-20 miles, I would start to experience a significant reduction of power - to the tune of about 50%. At first I...
  6. Electric illogic? Mystery fault search

    Technical Help Forum
    Stock CX500 C with hot battery is dead in the garage. Turned key and the cockpit was dark - no head, gauge, oil or neutral lights, so started down the usual trouble path. Battery pushing about 12.5 volts at terminals. Solenoid hot, starter turns normal when I cross the terminals with...
  7. 1982 Gl500 cafe racer build

    Build Threads
    Hey everyone i just purchased an '82 Gl500 and i've got a lot of questions concerning the placement of electrical components on the bike and what i can remove and what not to take off. It did have the large fairing on the front with the radio and heaters so it must be more complicated. Thanks...
  8. What did I do? Fixing turn signal now no electrical at all!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello All, My turn signals stopped working awhile ago. Today, I was screwing around with the relay in the side panel and connected the wires incorrectly. The relay clicked over really fast then I turned off the ignition. Now I have no power at all. Nothing, not even the indicator lights. I...
  9. engine swap

    Technical Help Forum
    planning to rip out my fully finished 1982 motor and replace it with a 1978 back engine cover because i have the stator wires does not match all my electrical. will my 1978 back engine cover fit my 1982 engine block? this part
  10. Right Cylinder cuts out at speed

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys. As this is my first post in the forum, I want to start by saying thanks for letting me lurk about and take advantage of all of your knowledge and expeience prior to my actual post. Before I describe the actual problem I figure I may as well describe the bike just a bit so you have...
  11. Looking for cdi box for 1979 cx500d

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey out there I am looking for a cdi box for cx500 i can pay cash or trade have CX500 standard luggage rack and grab rail and a few other parts that won't be put back on or gl500 parts . Engine parts Will sell for cash (cash is king)!! Pm or post I will check daily till I get one . Just as...
  12. 81 CX500 Electrical Troubleshooting

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm venturing into working on my bike for the first time. After sitting for months in the Nashville winter, it was great to get it running yesterday with a charged battery and a little Seafoam. Felt amazing to ride after 7 months. The most apparent problem is that the battery...
  13. Turn signals and horn quit working

    Technical Help Forum
    Last week, my turn signals and my horn quit working. Have done extensive troubleshooting and have not found the problem. 1983 CX650C Here is what I have done: all fuses are good horns work if I bypass the relay. exchanged to another horn relay and no change front turn signal lights are on...
  14. Suspected electrical problems

    Technical Help Forum
    After testing resistance at the CDI and stator connectors, resistance between blue and ground is only 405, white and ground 325, and 80 between white and blue. All other resistance checks are within spec. Suggestions or diagnosis?
  15. Gutting my electrical... How far can I go?!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys! I have been reading this forum for a fair while, but just made an account and this here's my first post! I got my 79 CX500 all registered and ready to go today, brought it home and its now in about 500 pieces waiting for light tomorrow to keep working on it! I put clip on bars on it...
  16. Main Fuse Modification (First Project on my GL500)

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey hey hey! I'm about to undertake my first project on my '82 GL500. Looking to do the Main Fuse Modification ( This is my first project, so if you have any: "Remember to do X" or "Don't forget about X, Y, Z", I would appreciate any and all...
  17. Electrical issues; headlight failed

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all, One night while riding home on my 1981 GL500, the low beam failed. High beam worked, so I made it home. When I disassembled the headlight housing, instead of a burnt out bulb, I found that the hot cable to the low beam had melted the headlight connector on the wiring harness, and the...
  18. Emergency help with starting

    Technical Help Forum
    I was on my way to work this morning. It has been cold here (about 40 f) I pulled the choke out on my 82 cx500 c and the motorcycle wouldn't start. I fiddled with the wires until the lights went on the console then the bike started fine. Ran fine until i got on the freeway then at about 50 mph...
  19. Changing complete electrical system

    Technical Help Forum
    I recently bought a 1980 cx500c to rebuild it and turn it into a cafe racer. I noticed that the electrical system was really messed up, besides the previous owner had an aluminum paper as a fuse. To prevent any complications in the future I would really like to completely redo the electrical...
  20. Bike won't start, out of ideas

    Technical Help Forum
    A while back my bike wouldn't start (1981 CX500C), and hasn't started since. So I sent my carbs to Larry, they came back perfect. I cleaned my tank and all the rust from inside and replaced the gas. I got a new fuel line, spark plugs, and charged my battery. And I also got an Ignitech CDI unit...