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  1. Cranks won’t fire - Rae San ignition

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, I have a 79 cx500 that used to work just fine(except for some wiring connectivity issues to the gauges). One day I started it while it was leaned on the kickstand. It seemed perfectly normal. When I sat on it and kicked the kickstand up, the engine died. Now it will only crank but...
  2. Slow turnover when starting

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, My 83 GL 650i is sidelined for a problem I'm having trouble tracking down. When I hit the starter button, the engine turns over very slowly. It did this for a few days, and then stopped starting altogether. I was far from home at the time, but it bump started in second gear fairly...
  3. Ballistic EVO2 8 Cell Alternative

    Technical Help Forum
    I believe these batteries are discontinued. I ready liked the iver size and weight of the battery. And the EVO3 Seems like they are larger. i will be updating the rectifier. I live in a warm environment. I will be using a battery tender when not riding. I am updating all my lights to LED.
  4. Battery compatible with stock Rectifier.

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    Looking for a small batter that can utilize the stock rectifier. Information - Building an electronics tray for solenoid,CDI, wiring. Willing to make second box if needed for lead acid battery to stand straight up. Plan on upgrading turn signals/brake lights/headlight.
  5. Strange electrical behaviour

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone! I'm Gijs from Utrecht, the Netherlands and all though is forum isn't new to me, I'm new to this forum 🙂. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything similar. I have a 1980 cx500 with CDI that was an unfinished cafe racer project from a previous...
  6. Wiring retailer? Prefer Australia, but can go international

    Where Can I Find...
    G'day All, Trying to find a good wiring supplier, Prefer based in Australia (shipping, support etc) and also prefer to get the original colours etc. Also..... reuse old connectors after a clean? modern connectors? Thanks, Greg
  7. New bike with just a couple electrical problems.

    Technical Help Forum
    I recently got a 1979 CX500 delux and everything works wonderfully expect for a couple issues. I've never done maintenance or troubleshooting on a bike before so any help is appreciated. 1. Right side turn signals don't flash but stay illuminated. I bought a new relay and the problem persisted...
  8. Headlight wiring issue

    Technical Help Forum
    Ok, so dont judge me too hard, but the other day I got a bit bored so understandably I decided to take the headlight off of my bike and try to rewire a new led headlight to it. This was all good until I clipped some wires and realized I dont know how to wire anything and that ive never had to...
  9. Headlight issues

    Technical Help Forum
    I just got a 79 CX500 Deluxe and have been going through cleaning things up and trying to make it all work right. Eventually will do a lot more, but want to make it all runnable first. The headlight does not work at the moment. I am not 100% sure what voltages should be coming through. I have...
  10. Friday Windjammer Work

    General Discussion
    My beautiful, been-in-a-basement-since-1979 Windjammer had a hole that needed to be filled. Specifically, the pre-cut blank in the lower left intended for an optional 12V receptacle. I found an accessory wire on the CX and spliced it into the 'jammer's red wire—easy. I was pleased to see the...
  11. Honda CX500 Electrical issue.

    Technical Help Forum
    Good morning! I have rebuilt a 79 honda barn find over the past year and took it on its maiden voyage yesterday where I began to encounter some problems. Firstly upon starting the engine seemed ok (a bit sluggish because it wasn't warmed up, fine). Problem 1) I kicked it down into first gear...
  12. Have I bought the wrong stator?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys, As some of you may know I had an issue a while back with my cx500 intermittently dying whilst running at higher rpm, this was put down to a dodgy stator. First thing I did was replace the CDI with an Ignitech unit, which means there were a variety of stators at my disposal now... I...
  13. Wiring harness from scratch

    Technical Help Forum
    Well guys, I'm on to the wiring phase of my build. And of all the various "phases", this one is the most intimidating. This past weekend I dusted the cobwebs off of the soldering iron and got all of the handlebar controls/switches wired into the M-button and neatly hidden in the headlight. I...
  14. No right side spark below 2k rpms

    Technical Help Forum
    So I know a few things going into this problem, I'm looking for suggestions of how to proceed. Bike is a 78 CX500 standard. 1) I've checked for spark and the engine doesn't spark on the right cylinder until 2k rpm. 2) I performed the online stator test and everything passes besides the RH low...
  15. Stator pickups, What are my options?

    Technical Help Forum
    It appears that my high speed stator pickup is not functioning properly. I have an Ignatech and replaced the stock stator with a direct replacement type. What are my options for solving this problem? Are there aftermarket pickups? Can these be eliminated with any aftermarket parts? Thanks.
  16. Battery Not Charging on 1979 CX500 Custom

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys, I am the newish owner of a 1979 cx500 custom with 22k miles. Everything is working but the charging system. I've redone the carbs using Larry's carb book, replaced coils, spark plugs, and new gel cell battery. It's running great besides the battery not charging. At first, I thought it...
  17. Help with Motogadget M-Unit & M-Button Wiring

    Technical Help Forum
    Ok so go easy on me :D I've put together a first draft of a wiring diagram for a 1980 CDI CX500. I'm aware it's awful but it's all there hopefully. The wire colours aren't necessarily important as I'm sure these will all be changed with the new wiring I've bought but I wanted to know if this is...
  18. eBay Lithium Battery Questions

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, Does anyone know if this will be ok for my 1980 CX500A? Lightweight motorcycle lithium battery ONLY 421g Replace 12N5-4B 12N5.5-4A AGM | eBay The CCA is 180 amps and the maximum charge voltage is 14.9 which should be fine with the stock voltage regulator. Thanks in advance, this...
  19. stator issues.. tested everything, need help with diagnosis

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello! I have a CX500 from 79 with CDI. It has a problem where the battery is suddenly out of charge. Sometimes its when I come out to the garage in the morning, sometimes when I want to leave a gas station after a fill-up. It seems random and doesn't seem to correlate with the bike sitting or...
  20. 1981 GL500 Electrical Issue

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, I recently acquired an '81 GL500 that the PO said was running great until it died one day while he was riding it. He stated that he was going a steady 25mph when the bike just died. There were no bangs or bad noises it was almost like he hit the engine cutoff switch. This could...