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  1. CX650c ignition coils

    Technical Help Forum
    First bike and its a bit of a project. Fortunately everything except a few nuts and bolts is there. The electrical has been tampered with and I am on the journey of trying to get spark in my bike. Having tracked wires all over I have found that the culprit is the secondary circuit in both...
  2. Electric Harness Problem, four wires extra?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello guys, I've got some little problem with my electricity harness. I mounted it back provisionally, because I need to turn up the engine for some check. There is the problem, everything came up together great, until I got to the front of the bike. I do not need to attach any light, so I...
  3. Electrics need to be fixed

    Technical Help Forum
    Just bought a 1978 Cx500. The electronic start doesn't work, i start it by manually starting the starter near the battery. Also the brake and headlight don't work, they are just hardwired near the battery. I'm looking for an electrical layout of the 1978 cx500 and owners manuals. Does anyone...
  4. Electric illogic? Mystery fault search

    Technical Help Forum
    Stock CX500 C with hot battery is dead in the garage. Turned key and the cockpit was dark - no head, gauge, oil or neutral lights, so started down the usual trouble path. Battery pushing about 12.5 volts at terminals. Solenoid hot, starter turns normal when I cross the terminals with...