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  1. 16" Dual Purpose tires for GL500?

    Technical Help Forum
    I was wondering if anyone had any luck finding a pair of knobby (dual sport tires) that would fit the Honda gl500 safely. I’ve been looking but haven’t had any luck. The tread I’m looking doesn’t need to be crazy just a little more than the interstate tires I have on it now. There are plenty of...
  2. Shinko 244 tires on a GL500i. What issues might I run into?

    Technical Help Forum
    I run about 6 miles of dirt/gravel road on my normal commute, and while a pair of Shinko 230 Tourmaster skins does the trick well enough, I wouldn't mind feeling a little more confident on the dirt. Additionally, I wouldn't mind being able to do a bit more adventure riding. There are so many...