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  1. Technical Help Forum
    OK, getting bike ready for spring riding season. Put in new gas, checked oil, added coolant, stuck battery on charger for a bit just to be safe, etc. Bike starts up and idles like a champ. However when I start to take off it dies. I figured that was a problem with residue clogging the jets in...
  2. Technical Help Forum
    Have been working on a 81 CX500 Custom; So Far - The carbs have been cleaned/rebuilt using Larry's Book with an ultra sonic Sealed Air/Vaccum Leaks Replaced Air Filter New Spark Plugs When checking the spark plugs, I pulled them and found they were NKG DCPR7E and I could not find this plug...
  3. Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, I have been having an issue with a GL500 I am attempting to get road worthy again after 8yrs of sitting. To date I have done minor repairs and cleaning to get it running again including cleaning the carbs, replacing the battery, releasing the frozen breaks so on, and so on...
1-3 of 3 Results