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  1. ...Won't light on one side!

    Technical Help Forum
    The left cylinder won't fire up. Thanks in advance!!! Your insights are much appreciated. The Bike: ‘79 CX500 Custom Bobbed about 10 years ago (hard-tailed, pods, etc). The Condition: Sitting for 5 years New battery Plugs were new when parked 5 years ago Ignition switch is new Cleaned...
  2. How to prep motor for cylinder bore?

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm trying to bring my CX back to life and ran into a snag with one of my cylinders. My mechanic found rust and a little bit of pitting in one cylinder and now its only getting 70 psi while the other is getting about 120 psi. I don't think I can just remove the cylinders and bring them to get...
  3. '82 CX500 Right Side Cylinder Backfires

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a 1982 Honda CX500 trike, put new rings, rebuilt carbs, compression on both cylinders is between 150-160. When it's running, you pull the left side plug wire off it quits running but when you pull the right side plug wire it stays running. The right side plug is wet and the engine...
  4. Ignition coil replacements

    General Discussion
    Ignition coil replacements/Left cylinder wont fire Hey guys, So my left cylinder stopped firing a couple days ago and my bike will not idle with out full choke. I have gone threw a couple other threads on here and checked a few things on my bike and have come to the conclusion that the...
  5. CX650 - Engine synchronization??

    Technical Help Forum
    Well, not sure if I made a correct title of this thread, and for the questions. Ok, like this: My CX650, originally I did not notice any differences between two cylinders. Because the original H-section connecting two mufflers from two cylinders, so I could not know any abnormal signal between...