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cylinder head

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    Hello clever fellows. Any one by chance know what sort of thread is on the M12 cylinder heads bolts? What's the pitch as I think there are 3 possibilities. I've a rather bodged helical insert that needs changed, I'm guessing it's a shack proof helicoil that's chewing bolt threads. I've got some...
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    I'm trying to bring my CX back to life and ran into a snag with one of my cylinders. My mechanic found rust and a little bit of pitting in one cylinder and now its only getting 70 psi while the other is getting about 120 psi. I don't think I can just remove the cylinders and bring them to get...
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    Hi All, Hoping to get some feedback on a concern I have come across during my cylinder head rebuild. After removing the right cylinder head and rebuilding (cleaning/checking valves, checking valve to guide clearances, lapping seats, new guide seals etc) I installed a new head gasket...
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    So I polished my cylinder head covers and was putting them back on when... tightened that sucker too much and it broke right off...How much damage have I done here? I've never tried to extract a broken bolt before. Is a left-turn bit/extractor my best bet?