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  1. CX650E - Is this normal?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey, I'm new to the forum, I just picked up my first bike, a used CX650 Eurosport, and I'm just about to take the MSF course. In the mean time I've just been making sure that everything is rideable and in good shape, and learning as much as possible about the bike. My question is, when idling I...
  2. Electrics - m-Unit on CX650E

    Custom How To
    Hello I am going to rebuild the wiring on CX650E, using m-Unit. I am working now on the electric drawing. Here is attached the first draft of the concept wiring. It is NOT completed and not finalized yet, it is not modified to have all connectors shown, some wires not finalyzed in colors. But...
  3. CX650E - newbie's project

    Build Threads
    Hello everybody Recently found CX650E, so took it to have some fun with it. Will try to summarize my efforts - but you are warned: complete newbie here, and no logic expected as well. The first it was (and still trying to be) the cheap-to-play project. But then decided to by motogadget...
  4. Left home with this...and came home with this !!!

    General Discussion
    I left home with an old aluminum canoe and a Yamaha kids acoustic guitar and came home with a CX650E that had been a yard ornamant for ALOT of years. The owner kept refering to the bike as "HER" (Christine, lol?). No title and the bike hasn't had a plate in it in 26 years...and that was from...
  5. CX650E tires selection

    General Discussion
    Good day Recently got CX650E. Generally in poor condition, requires overhaul and some restoration... But that is another topic. There is an idea to convert it into kind of scrambler type. However, met problem with tires selection for her wheels size. The rims are both 18", and when there is...
  6. possible to fit an aftermarket rear master cylinder?

    Technical Help Forum
    Have 2 seized rear master cylinders for a 83 cx650e. Both are seized, have tried many things to free them but they're bot working. I'm looking for other options. I've tried loads of penetrant, heat, grease gun, even freezing. The only option I've found to replace it with the original part is way...
  7. Are cx500e and cx650e cockpit gauge packs swappable?

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm looking to replace my Acewell digital instruments with an original guage pack. A kind member has informed me he has a unit from a cx500 Eurosport that looks identical, but i want to check if this will be a bolt on part to fit under the original fairing I have. Cheers Charles Here is a pic...
  8. Rear Carrier for 84 CX650 Eurosport

    General Discussion
    Hi! I have 84 CX650 Eurosport and now having difficulty to find Rear Carrier. Although it was popular in Europe, I still can't find something reasonable. What is the best solution for this? I just wanted to mount a GIVI top case. Thank you.
  9. Wanted CX650E Euro parts

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Looking for the following parts Front turn signal housing both sides Brake handle Clear plastic Window that covers instrument panel Small reflector that is mounted on the side of the radiator Rubber that surrounds the front head light Thanks Randy