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  1. Trying to find an ignition barrel for my Honda cx650 that I bought from Murray Feldma

    General Discussion
    So someone attempted to steal my bike right outside of my neighborhood and not bragging but I live in a good part of town where this sort of the shouldn’t happen so they luckily failed but they tore all the whites connected to the key barrel so it was useless. I got a second one from a smaller...
  2. 1983 CX650c for sale Portland Oregon

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Can't believe this hasn't sold yet. $500 Portland Oregon Craig's list
  3. Seat Cover replacement for CX650C

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone!! The seat cover on my CX650C is due. A local upholsterer checked it and claimed that the material had dried out and can't be fixed.. Do you guys have any recommendations for a replacement seat cover? I'm looking for something that would look as close as possible to the original...
  4. Bad Alternators and Good Airfilters - CX650C

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hi! I'm in the middle of a move and I found a bunch of parts that I shouldn't need anymore for the CX650C. All I'm asking is shipping and whatever you think is fair. 1x OEM Stator, used, worn. Needs a re-wind 1x Full airbox assembly, including oil reservoir and carb boots. I might be short a...
  5. Any CX650c mechanics in SOUTH FLORIDA?

    General Discussion
    Looking for a good shop or mechanic that is reasonable and works with CX650c or is comfortable taking on one. Any recommendations?
  6. General Cost to change head Gaskets (Cx650c)

    General Discussion
    :confused:Hello all ! New user to the forum just got my hands on a cx650c and trying to get it going. It runs but needs head gaskets replaced. I have gotten a quote for $1,000 to replace both sides and clean valves, and shave head if needed, is this price fair?
  7. 1983 Honda CX 650 C stripped Fork Tube Cap

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all, I am a new member here, I've been riding for exactly one year, and am starting to do more involved work on the bike. One of my front forks has been leaking oil for a couple months. I've done research on this forum and others to see the steps and took a shot at it myself last weekend...
  8. New CX650C owner in need of help!

    Technical Help Forum
    When I purchased the cx650c it ran but was dripping gas from both carbs like crazy but it ran. Put it on the trailer got it home, took the carbs off and went through them. It stopped the leaking but was still running rough. When I rode it, it would run better at 5k and up rpm's. Pulled back...
  9. 1983 cx650c for sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Selling my Cx due to the fact I have no time and need the money. The runs great and has no body damage. It has 3995 miles on it!!!!!! It's missing the left side cover tho. Call or text me 937 564 2868if you are looking to buy thank you please no trades and was trying to get $3000 out of it due...
  10. Cam chain replacement?

    Technical Help Forum
    Ok, so I've been dealing with a cooling problem with my 650c that sat for about 6 years. I've had the bike from almost new (600) miles. Still diagnosing the cooling problem but in reading many posts here (I'm new to this site and thankful I found it), it seems it might be time for a cam chain...
  11. Cx650c left side cover needed!!!!!!!

    General Discussion
    I am missing the left cover on my cx650 and I am trying to find one or someone who makes them
  12. CX 650 Air Filter

    Technical Help Forum
    My filter had a family of mice in it. The only OEM filter I can find is on E-vil-bay for about $100 from Germany. I couldn't find any threads here about where to find these unique items. I think I can use an auto filter and replace the element in the metal housing. I boiled the old filter in...
  13. Parting out my CX650C

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I tore down my inoperable 650C on a whim. It hadn't been running for about a year due to a blown head gasket and quite a bit of metal in the oil pan. Turns out most of the right connecting rod bearing made its way into the left cylinder head/piston. Other than that issue, most of the parts are...
  14. cx650c RatBike to Bobber :: Build Thread

    Build Threads
    Well, I have had a couple bikes in the past including my cb750c. Since passing it along to my brother-in-law, I missed street riding. I was lucky that a buddy of mine sold me a cx650c. Now I have a project I can work on and enjoy on the street. To top it all off I came across the CX500Forum! I...
  15. Turn signals and horn quit working

    Technical Help Forum
    Last week, my turn signals and my horn quit working. Have done extensive troubleshooting and have not found the problem. 1983 CX650C Here is what I have done: all fuses are good horns work if I bypass the relay. exchanged to another horn relay and no change front turn signal lights are on...
  16. 18" wheel for 1983 CX650C

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    HI All, I have a '83 CX650C that I'm wanting to make into a scrambler. I would like to replace the rear wheel, which is 15", with an 18" rim. I purchase an older 18" wheel from a CX500 but was told it wouldn't work. I would like the larger wheel to be able to have a better selection of tire...
  17. 1993 gl650c clacking sound at idle.

    Technical Help Forum
    Might buy a cx650c idle is rough, clacks or small knocking sound. Is this normal for this model ? Does not go away when warmed up. When the clutch is pulled it goes away . This is a low mileage unit,I m thinking its "normal" for a poorly tuned engine . What do y'all say ? This...
  18. First bike, novice mechanic, looking for advice

    Technical Help Forum
    My name is George and I'm the proud owner of a 1983 Honda CX 650C! I bought the bike from a co-worker who said it needed new tires, refilling the master cylinder and a good carb cleaning. Well, after new tires, carbs being "cleaned" (I can't verify how much they did but the bike ran after they...