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  1. CX500C and CX500D interchangeable parts?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone, I’m a 1979 CX500C owner and I have the opportunity to buy a 1980 CX500 Deluxe parts bike for $400 that looks like it would have a lot of good parts if they are interchangeable.... Can anyone tell me if it would be a smart move to get the deluxe for parts? It has the deluxe fuel...
  2. Looking for CX500 deluxe tank

    General Discussion
    Hey, I was wondering if anyone is willing to sell their cx500 deluxe tank and is willing to ship. I live in NC.
  3. Mac 2 into 1 exhaust / discoloration

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi, My first post; my first bike. :) I have a 1981 cx500d and I just replaced the stock exhaust system with the Mac 2 into 1, in black. I did not rejet the carbs and am using the stock air filter (not pods). Everything seems to be running normally with the new system - no leaks, no black...
  4. Overheating after carb cleaning

    Technical Help Forum
    Newbie here with an overheating question. Bike is a 1980 CX500D (working on figuring out how to add that to my signature) I just finished cleaning the carbs using Larry's book, and now the bike is overheating (or at least saying it's overheating) extremely quickly. Like into the red in ~5 min at...
  5. 79 CX500D For Sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    For Sale: 79' Honda CX500 Deluxe in extremely good condition. This bike has been well maintained and taken care of. Bike runs like a dream and is fast as a wet cat. Recent Maintenance: New Brakes (front and rear), new speedometer cable and speedometer, oil filter and oil change, air filter...
  6. Rebuilt carbs but still issues, stator help?

    General Discussion
    My 1979 Honda CX500D has been having issues accelerating ever since I have bought it. In any gear higher than first when I roll on the throttle after about 4000 rpm the bike begins to bog down and seems almost stuck at that speed. It sometimes feels like it wants to start pulling away and...
  7. Need: CX500 Deluxe Tank for 1979 Bike

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I need to buy a tank for a 1979 CX500 Deluxe Bike. I am in Garland, TX. Anyone have a lead or tank available?
  8. CX500D Fairing fit a Silverwing?

    General Discussion
    I have a '81 CX500D fairing I'm trying to sell and I need to know if it will fit a 500 Silverwing? Anyone know the value of a fairing? It's in good condition, radio still works but cassette player does not. Thanks for the help! Kyle
  9. Carolina Street Tracker 1980 CX500D

    Build Threads
    Have been working on & off on my Street Tracker project for a few years. Back on the project now, until completion. Have the frame, swing arm, drive shaft tube, and various components out for semi-gloss black powder coating. Also have a new Mac 2 into 1 exhaust system being ceramic coated flat...
  10. Shifter not moving - 82' cx500d

    Technical Help Forum
    I know this is a pretty basic fix, but can someone tell me the common cause of this? I pulled my engine and took off the back plate to put in a new stator, but once I put everything back together and mounted my engine back to the shaft and frame, I noticed that my shifter wouldn't budge...
  11. need new gas tank

    General Discussion
    I am starting my first bike build, and I'm using a 1980cx500d. Problem is that I am having a hard time finding a tank that has the right size tunnel. Does anybody know what tanks will fit nicely without to much modifications?
  12. Putting GL500 Stator into a CX500

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys, I recently posted on here asking about problems with my bike not running. Turns out it just needed some cleaning and some adjustments to the fuel tubes. The next problem I have is the Stator. When I ran my bike, the battery died. Obviously the stator, right? Did a lead test, it told me...
  13. CX500 very "Special" with single sided swing arm!

    Build Threads
    Hey guys n gals Here is my newly finished CX500. I started this about a year ago and to be honest it is on another forum (do the ton, as I’m into my cafe racers) it never even crossed my mind that there would be a CX forum until I looked! Anyone interested in any part of the build I have loads...
  14. CX550d Not turning over.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and I've never really worked on a bike except for the time I replaced my radiator and fan. My 81 CX500d is my first bike. About a year ago, my bike quit out on me while driving to work when I ran out of gas and it never fired up again. There aren't any Honda...