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cx500d tank

  1. Looking for a CX500 deluxe tank in good condition. Paint not important.

    Selling and Buying Forum
    These seem to be a bit hard to find but I will ask anyway. I need a 1980 or equal CX500 Deluxe tank in good physical condition, no major dents or rusted interior. I have a lot of nice stock parts for a 1980 CX500D that I can offer in addition to some cash. For example, original Honda mirrors...
  2. WTB CX500D tank black, mint condition

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello, I'm trying to insure my CX500D as a collector bike, and they refused it because of a 2cm dent on the tank. So I'm now on the hunt for a black CX500D tank, in mint shape of course, or else I could keep mine... Or if you have any advice to repair a tank, maybe I could make that dent...