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  1. 1981 gl500 front end on a 1982 cx500c

    Custom How To
    Hi there, new member here. Almost time to put away the bike here in Montreal. Bought this bike September 2018, rode it for a couple months, put it away. Got it out this year, changed oils and rode it almost as-is all year, just to enjoy it before working on it. (Changed squealing rear brake...
  2. Carb Build/Rebuild

    Technical Help Forum
    -- New Bike Owner -- -- New Forum Member -- Hey, When I bought my new bike I also got a second bike that was torn down (not the entire bike). The carbs were all torn apart sitting in a box (that had a bunch of holes). . Is there a parts guide or something that I can use to verify I have all...
  3. Forum/Bike Newbie - CX500 Project Bike

    Midwest CX500 Owners
    Hello, I am a new CX500 owner and new to the CX500FORUM. I am originally from the Alexandria, MN area but currently reside in Lisbon, ND. I look forward to discussions with other CX500 builders and hope to post progress pictures soon. Project Bike Thread -...
  4. The "Unamed" CX500 Project Bike

    Build Threads
    I will start by saying I am entirely new to the bike world, having never owned one myself. The idea behind starting a CX500 project bike only came to be recently after finding one for a reasonable price on Facebook marketplace. The bike was listed for $500 in Aberdeen, SD. and per the owner it...
  5. CX500C wont start after attempted carb rebuild

    Technical Help Forum
    I have no experience with carburators, none, so I thought getting a rebuild kit would be a good first try at working on them, I thought I was doing everything right but obviously I was wrong, I would like to get a set of Murrays Carbs later on but I do not currently have the funds for that...
  6. !82 CX500c !Throttle cable snapped! on the handlebar...can it be fixed at home?

    Technical Help Forum
    On my way home from a long trip on my 82 cx500c, the head of the throttle cable or accelerator cable snapped. I managed to tow it home since it was night and all the repair shops were closed; with the help of roadside assistance. Later opened up the throttle and found out the seperated hammer...
  7. 82 CX500c The first fuse has burn marks and the holder is burnt (fuse box problem)

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone :) Should I be concerned about the burnt holder of the First fuse, which I think is for Headlights? It stays really hot and the fuse has visible burnt marks in it too. If one carefully looks at the picture below, it is possible to see that the plastic underneath the fuse has...
  8. New Member from Lucas County, Ohio. Just bought 82 CX500c

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, Just got a decent shaped CX500c in Lucas County Ohio 3 weeks ago. The bike ran well while test driving. In the last 2 days while ridding for the first time after buying, after few minutes after driving the accelerator and the gear lost power gradually and failed to start at all, then after...
  9. Cx500 custom tank for sale

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I have a cx500 custom tank that is in pretty good condition. original paint is still on there and there are no big dents. i see a small one, but only can be noticed from an angle. I don't have the keys for the tank. Asking $120 for it. Buyer pays for shipping. PM for pictures.
  10. 81 CX500C Won't Fire - Newbie Needs Some Help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone! My 81 CX500C (cdi ignition) cafe project is so close to the finish line, but I keep getting held up. Let me explain. Bought it two years ago as a Craigslist find for $300. The odometer had 25,XXX miles on it, but it was definitely not running. Tore it down completely and...
  11. New CX500C Owner in Minneapolis

    Midwest CX500 Owners
    I've been lurking on the forum and figured I'd make an intro post. I bought my '81 CX500C (Jenny) in September 2017 from a local C-List seller for $600. It was in fair running condition when I first got it and came with a Windjammer SS that had clearly seen many years of the elements along with...
  12. Need aftermarket luggage rack for CX650C

    Where Can I Find...
    I am needing to add a luggage rack to my CX650C. Looking for something that attaches to the current sissy bar bolts. Any suggestions on what aftermarket brand and model that might work?
  13. 1980 CX500C - Ignition coils

    General Discussion
    I would like to use a single coil to reclaim the space under the gas tank for an Motogadget M-UNIT Blue. Is there a way to replace the existing 1:1 coil to spark plug with a 1:2 coil that provides the spark to both plugs ? Thank you for your help. Leo
  14. 82 CX500 brat cafe build

    Build Threads
    Hello All, Last year I purchased a 82 CX500 after selling my CBR to pay some bills. with the remainder of the cash I purchased the CX and have since commenced customizing it. I will warn that I have no experience with most of this but I am creative and have a decent electrical background. My...
  15. 1982 CX500 Custom Super low miles! Runs great! 3,480 miles.

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Well, not too long ago I joined this group and posted showing off my sweet purchase. I have now put in over 1100.00 worth of parts and work into it and realize I have no need for the motorcycle. I wanted to post it here to any one that would really want it. As of this afternoon it only has 3,480...
  16. CX500(C) Customization in Switzerland

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi everyone Awesome community u guys have here. I got myself a 1981 CX500C and wanted to ask if someone here is from Switzerland too? Couldn't find anybody on the location map (guess not everyone has a complete profile). I would like to make sure to buy parts, which are conform to our pretty...
  17. 1982 CX500c Black - great shape. sell or part-out?

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I am looking to sell my baby. '82 CX500c Black - no decals. Rides and runs great. I used to ride this daily to work, but since moving a couple years ago I've only had it out of the garage once. So sad. And since having kids (seven years ago) my wife won't ride with me anymore. (She...
  18. Newbie: Where to start...need help.

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi guys, I'm a new member directly from Mascouche, QC and a new owner of a brand new CX500C 1979 with 26900km... I just bough it and its in great condition. The guys before me took really care of it, painted it red with Shadow stickers and there's nothing to do on it beside maybe a...
  19. 1980 CX500C No spark

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys looking for some input, I've had a CX500 for about six months now, it was running fine up until I put her away yesterday night, I went to start it this morning and have determined that neither side is sparking. I looked into electrical tests I could do on the forums here and went...
  20. 1982 cx500c Parts

    Selling and Buying Forum
    1982 Honda CX500c Parts | street, cruisers, choppers | Winnipeg | Kijiji All parts available. I'll post a parts list after the first part is sold. Will ship anywhere at buyers expense. The bike worked great and the engine ran back in 2013 before it was taken out of the frame and I've got legal...