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  1. Technical Help Forum
    Well, I’ve read through all of the forums on the front brake light. I’ve got 12v at the switch. The brake lights activate when the foot pedal is applied. The bulb filaments are good. The running light is working normal. I get 12v in the bulb socket when the foot pedal is applied, do not get 12v...
  2. Technical Help Forum
    To those that have painted the gas tank, did you put the graphics in before the clear coat or on top of the clear coat?
  3. General Discussion
    Hello people. My 82 cx500 is a little confusing….the left cylinder is running at 190 lbs compared to 155 on the right . Any ideas on why the one it’s so abnormally high? Thanks
  4. Technical Help Forum
    I’m currently taking a motorcycle safety course and they stressed how much the front brake stops the bike. I’ve read and experienced that the front brake on the cx is not as good as todays bikes. I’ve got the single piston style and I did a full rebuild on it. I bought a new brake hose but I...
  5. Technical Help Forum
    Alright everyone, the coolant in this bike is who know how old. It was a good orange color when I drained it. I replaced it with orange dexcool. Ran it till it was hot, topped off radiator. Ran it after that last night and it went half way up the thick bar. I ran it this morning till warm and...
  6. General Discussion
    Hello everyone. Finally Got my cx tagged up. Can you guys post pictures of you next to your bike so I can get some ideas of what style of clothing will go along with the bike? I’m keeping the bike original. As for helmets, who likes full vs half and why?
  7. Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys, I was wondering if I can use the 'Honda Long-life Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2* ' for my 1982 CX500? if this is not appropriate or harmful then which one should I use on my bike? *is pre-mixed with 50 percent antifreeze and 50 percent water. Thank you!
  8. Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone I’ve got the title to the bike. It’s not in my name. The tag agent said I can sign my name on the top line and hire a Craigslist notary. How risky is this?
  9. Technical Help Forum
    hello everyone, i need some help, i have a 1980 cx500c with a broken tach, i want to hoop up a new tach but cannot find any cable tachs, how would i hook up a new tach without the cable? and what would i do with the cable? any help is appreciated!
  10. Technical Help Forum
    Good afternoon everyone, I replaced my fork seals two weeks ago with the 4 into 1 brand seals. Those seals were insanely tight going on. They leaked out after 2 days. Replaced the seals last week with K&S seals from a local shop. I put superglue in the pits. The pits aren’t that big. They still...
  11. General Discussion
    Good afternoon everyone This is not an easy subject for everyone, but I need to see some stats. Long time ago, My parents were in a motorcycle accident, not their fault. Mom lost her leg from it and dad has a messed up ankle and back from it. Who’s been in an accident? I’ve been told it will be...
  12. Technical Help Forum
    Good evening everyone. Made a post a few days ago about my new fork seals leaking. They were the aftermarket 4 into 1 seals on Amazon. A couple of issues I think could be the cause. The aftermarket seals, poor prep work, or lightly pitted tubes. I’m going to take the forks apart again, clean...
  13. CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi CX’ers Recently I heard a mechanical CX fan can be replaced with a ZX6R fan (like everyone on this forum knows) but without having to chop the end of the cam. If anyone has posted on this and I’ve missed it then I apologise but if not and anybody has any info on how to achieve this it’d be...
  14. Selling and Buying Forum
    Any one in Iowa? Go steal these lol.$100 a piece
  15. Technical Help Forum
    Is there anyway to polish the paint on the stock wheels for a cx500c? Or will it fade fast after a polish? Anyone had the rims powder coated?
  16. Build Threads
    Hello, here are the finish rear brake disc conversion that I make brake level from 05 GSXR 750 brake disc 05 GSXR 750, brake caliper is original cx500 front thanks for looking
  17. Technical Help Forum
    Good evening everyone, Took apart the front brake caliper and the piston was seized. Master cylinder reservoir is dry rotted. Tried to pop it out with a grease gun, wouldn’t go. Had to twist it out with channel locks. I plan on getting a rebuild kit with the piston. The cylinder looks corroded...
  18. Selling and Buying Forum Varying types of designs available.
  19. Speed Moto Co
    LED Motorcycle Headlight . High Output. High \ Low function. 5800 Lumens 45 Watt Side Mount bucket 7.75" over all bucket size. This unique Cyclop design headlight works on most motorcycles. The Housing - Made of steel with stainless steel hardware and side mounting points. The LED...
  20. Speed Moto Co
    Great and easy to mount headlight guard for 6 and 7 inch headlights. Side Mount Headlight Mesh Grill | Motorcycle Wire Mesh Guard | Easy Install #headlightguard #LEDheadlight #OffroadMotorcycle #dualsport #crashguard #meshcover #TriumphMotorcycle #caferacer #bratstyle Link to item >>>...
1-20 of 268 Results