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  1. Subframe dilema

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I was given a non running 1979 honda cx500 custom. I have plenty of work to do on the bike. Rebuild carbs, go through the engine, electrical work etc. The main issue I've noticed however since the bikes been sitting for 20 years is that it has some bad rust where the shocks are attached, so much...
  2. CX500 Won't Start.... Carb Problems??

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys!! Appreciate any help I can get here. So I have a 1980 cx500 cafe racer build. The air filter box has been removed and there's a filter on each carb like most cafe builds. I've had a tear in the right inlet for a few weeks now, so the bike has been spitting and coughing a lot. But...
  3. Got some CX500 stickers made.

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I run a small aviation sticker business.I wanted a few CX500 stickers to I added this design in with my order. Thought maybe you guys might be interested. Selling them for $2.50 each plus shipping. I dropped them in my shopify store so people can order them on here. They are dishwasher safe...
  4. Phreaks thingy

    Phreaks thingy

  5. In search of...

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Struggling to find a new CDI for my 79’ CX500 Custom. I’ve seen in post from years ago about “Cobram“ doing bulk ingitech orders and was unsure if that was still happening. I’m in Vermont and would love to get a hold of one in the US if possible, but will bite the bullet if needed and order...
  6. Need a CX500 Standard or Deluxe Tank

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hi, I’m in need of a Standard or Deluxe tank to fit a 1980 CX500 in at least salvageable condition and able to be shipped to Australia. Minor dents/surface rust/blemishes are fine as long as there isn’t significant rust inside and no major leaks that can’t be fixed. Thanks Lachie
  7. Intermittent cylinder drop on cx500

    Technical Help Forum
    Sorry for the long post but i need help. so I finally got my bike back together after putting on a set of Murray's carbs and a new rae san full hall kit. After about an hour of timing as perfectly as I could the bike fired instantly after not running for months. It ran great....until it didn't...
  8. CX500 Deluxe Tank

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Greetings all - i have for sale a CX500 Deluxe Tank to sell. Has a few dents on it, which i tried to show in the photos. Could easily be bondo'd out or worked out with some rods. Surface rust on the inside, but doesnt look too bad. I just got this off eBay so I could strip the latch off it...

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I am currently parting out an 82' Honda CX500TC Turbo. This is a link to my eBay store where I will be listing all of the parts with full descriptions of conditions. If you would like any parts, reply to this thread and message me with an offer. We could do...
  10. 82 CX Custom for sale 300$ MN

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello, I have a 1982 CX500 Custom for sale for 300$ The engine does not run. It was running fine until the copper bearings broke last year. The engine has stayed in a warm garage all winter. I bought the CX at the beginning of last year and learned to ride, now that its riding season I dont...
  11. AK to ID 78 CX500D resto mod.

    Build Threads
    I’ve posted a CX500C build in here before but I picked this 78 CX500D up a bit ago and have slowly been restoring and modding it. I didn’t take enough pics before I started tearing it down. Here it is day one.
  12. Heck Of A Deal - 1979 CX500 Parts Bike

    Selling and Buying Forum
    While doing some horsetrading last week I ended-up with a 1979 CX500 parts bike. The engine will move and most of it is there except for tank and bodywork, seat, handlebars. If you need the parts, this is it for you! $100.00 or trade me something. I have pix. e-mail me at...
  13. Weird hesitation at part throttle

    Technical Help Forum
    Howdy there my CX fam....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my bike, beautiful beast, currently runs like garbage down the crap chute So I've gotten a weird hesitation at part throttle, gets worse with heat I have an ignitech unit installed So I had a look at the spark plugs Black as burnt toast thats...
  14. Cx500 engine in a tuk tuk

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi Guys, I am very new to this site, and new to having a cx500 1978. The CX500 I had got hold of was very worse for wear so we have taken the best bits and I’m currently in the process of using it in a tuk tuk. ( reason explained at the bottom) I really could do with some help, and apologies...
  15. Throttle Cable 2-1 Made in the USA vm34 Throttle cables cx/gl - 46" length

    Speed Moto Co
    Throttle Cable 2-1 Made in the USA vm34 Throttle cables cx/gl - 46" length We are adding new cx500 parts daily! Keep checkin' 39.95- Get them while they are in stock! New throttle cable for vm34 Mikuni...
  16. CX500 Frame dimensions

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone, Currently i'm in the processes of building my motorcycle a CX 500 from 1980 for current state see attatched pics The plan is to swap out the front forks and to make a monoshock in the back but before i do anything i want to build everything in cad software just to make sure...
  17. CX500 build inspired by mr. Mikes CX500rr and the x-axis CBX750

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, as you can see I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina and will be converting a 1980 CX500 to a café racer. I don't think I'll be starting a build thread, because I'm new to the scene and don't now much. I've learnt a lot from this forum, but there still might be a way for someone to...
  18. Replacement Stator - Online replacements ok?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, The results of a stator test indicated that I had a faulty stator on my '79 CX500. I have found a few sites that claim to sell "plug-n-play" stators that will fit this bike. I am just wondering if anyone has purchased one of these and did it all work out ok? *I hope the links work. ...
  19. Stator replacement - What other jobs need doing?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi all. So my 1979 CX500 stator has continuity to ground, so seems like I need a replacement. First things first - it's a CDI model so am I right in thinking that its the G47 stator that I need? I found a site in the UK (where I am) that makes them but they seem to describe it as fitting the...
  20. Cx500 Only Runs on Starter Fluid

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys me again, I finally got past the last major hold ups around my CX (like the majorly damaged water pump mechanical seal, don't know why I thought it was still OK to run) but she still wont run except on ether. She kicks once or twice if I let it sit for a little while but it seems like...