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  1. AK to ID 78 CX500D resto mod.

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    I’ve posted a CX500C build in here before but I picked this 78 CX500D up a bit ago and have slowly been restoring and modding it. I didn’t take enough pics before I started tearing it down. Here it is day one.
  2. Throttle Cable 2-1 Made in the USA vm34 Throttle cables cx/gl - 46" length

    Speed Moto Co
    Throttle Cable 2-1 Made in the USA vm34 Throttle cables cx/gl - 46" length We are adding new cx500 parts daily! Keep checkin' 39.95- Get them while they are in stock! New throttle cable for vm34 Mikuni...
  3. CX500 Eurosport Cafe Racer

    Build Threads
    Hi All I've finally managed to put off procrastinating, and got around to starting a build thread on my CX500 Eurosport conversion to a cafe racer. I actually started this project some time ago, but have not made much progress on it whilst I have had a lot of other projects on the go. Have now...
  4. Stunning aluminium foot pegs

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hi Guys! These are CNC'd aluminium foot pegs for the CX500 - made here in Northamptonshire, UK so you can be assured they are very decent quality! They are a direct bolt on to replace the current pegs so no modifications are required. They will fit any model where the placement is the same as...
  5. '79 CX500 Project

    Build Threads
    Hello, New to the whole forum thing, but I recently bought a '79 CX500 and plan do slowly do a few changes/mods to it. I got it for $700, it runs & drives, needs a new battery, the choke is froze, and a fuse. The previous owner gave me a few other goodies which I can post later. I have the NJ...
  6. The Mongrel - Scrambler Build

    Build Threads
    This journey began in October 2015. I watched the ad on CL for about 2 weeks, the offering was $500. From the pics, the bike looked to be in rough shape but ran. I saw it drop to $400 one afternoon, so I decided to inquire. Guy told me he was going to Florida at the end of the week and didn't...
  7. Restoration Project (Surprise for Fathersday)

    Midwest CX500 Owners
    Hello posting from southwest Michigan here, to start everything off my project is to get a CX 500 to run for my dad for Fathersday. I don't know much about them but I am in school for mechanical engineering so I can manage with a wrench. I'm my garage I happen to have 2 nearly complete (all/most...
  8. MechEngr67's 1979 CX500 Build

    Build Threads
    Hi Everyone! I am using this thread to document my build, there are a lots of build threads on this site I know but I would like to add my own for my self and anyone interested in me figuring things out as I go. I am a recent college graduate and got my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. I...
  9. Selling 1982 CX500 Eurosport stuffs

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Everything was sold guys. Thanks.
  10. Cant get front wheel on again...?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys. I took my wheels off because I needed to get them painted. Now I cant get the front wheel on again. The problem is the speedometer drive. I cant get it proberly on the rim again. I cant seem to remember how the iron packing were... Were it in the speedometer drive or in the wheel...
  11. Another clueless new guy with a bike.

    Build Threads
    Hi guys, I've been lurking here for 3-4 months and am amazed at what an incredible community this place is. My story is similar to user 'Chaetophile's (of 'Gods help me, I just bought a bike.' thread). I am very new to all of this, in fact I only just my CBT in January (that's Compulsory...
  12. The passion for my CX500

    Build Threads
    Hello to all the forum users. Today I decided to share my story about my bike and where's a better place that the whole CX500 community. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. :) Let me start a bit about myself: My real name is Rich Lasman and I am a 23 year old guy from this small country...