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  1. Wanted: 1983 GL650i Engine Guards/Floor Boards/HW Pegs

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello, I'm looking to purchase engine guards and highway pegs for my newly owned 83 GL650 Interstate Possibly looking for floorboards with shifter setup. Thanks for looking. Please email or text. I work odd hours and don't have access to the phone, or the site while at work...
  2. Lucky Crash

    General Discussion
    How lucky is this; Today i am riding the GL650 to see some Craigslist bikes when i decude to run by the garage and swap for the Yamaha... I crashed. Funny for a few weeks i kept hearing this lady's voice saying "don't move the ambulance is on the way." it was eerie and creeping me out it was...
  3. Got into accident. Front wheel mis-aligned, or forks bent?

    Technical Help Forum
    Ok, so trying to park my bike in someones yard I slipped on a root and took a rough spill. I thought my leg took most of it, but when I got on the bike to leave I realized I have a problem. I am not a mechanic by a long shot. Are my forks bent? Rim screwed? Can i get a professional opinion? i...
  4. The Super Duper Crash Thread

    General Discussion
    Hey Guys, I am thinking about taking an advanced course for riding, even though I've been riding for years. I don't need advice on whether or not this is a good idea, as I know it is. What I was thinking is it might be interesting and advantageous for future (or current for that matter)...