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  1. Replacement Crankshaft, PLEASE HELP!

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    Hi all, I am not sure where to begin but i am currently rebuilding my Honda CX500 Custom engine and i am looking for a BA BB A64 crank shaft. The original owner said he build it but i think he has used the wrong bearing and there is about a millimetre or slightly less of wear on the crankshaft...
  2. Is there a difference between the crankshaft retaining cover in different models?

    Technical Help Forum
    Damaged my original while removing the crank. and ummm... did exactly the same thing with my spare :(
  3. Bottem end Failure

    Technical Help Forum
    Bottom End Failure Hello all, So this is the 2nd time I have had the bottom end go out on this bike. 1st time was when the bike was bought(reason for sale). I then did a full rebuild tested the oil pump, cleared oil passages, replaces the crankshaft, connecting rods and connecting rod...
  4. BEARING B, CONN ROD 13216-415-013 Help

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello all, I have recently purchased my first CX500 C 1982 and am digging deep. The engine had some worn connecting rod bearings and crank shaft journals. It looks like a new shaft is in order and new bearings as well. On ebay there are a number of options for the Crank shaft with size B...
  5. I broke her, please help!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi CX Gurus! This is my first post on the forum and unfortunately quite a sad one. I bought a lovely 1981 CX500D with about 64k KM's on the clock about 2 weeks ago. I flew down, test rode the bike and it was one of the smoothest little CX's I've ever seen. The PO told me that he had the Stator...
  6. Crankshaft Scoring

    Technical Help Forum
    My crankshaft has some score marks underneath the left piston bearing. This is what caused the motor to seize on the previous owner. I was able to score some fairly new piston rod bearings off eBay, so my question is, If I rebore the crank to take off the tiny bit of scoring, will I need...
  7. Piston to crankshaft attachment

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, I have a 1983 CX 650 Custom that I purchased in pieces. It needed new piston rod bearings which the last owner couldn't find, so he sold it to me. I found a set on eBay and they look great, but now that I'm trying to put the pistons back onto the crank, I realized he didn't mark the...
  8. Anybody ever had an engine rod to break?

    General Discussion
    My grandson's 81 cx500 broke a rod at about 7000 rpm. He actually rode the bike for another 40 miles afterward. The right connecting rod was broken mid-shaft between the wrist pin and the crank. Neither the pin nor the rod bearings were affected. The remaining attached portion slapped around...
  9. Crank Shaft Movement During Assembly

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    After torquing the crankshaft cap to spec and installing the pistons I noticed that the crankshaft moves like this: I don't think it's an issue but I wanted to check to be safe.
  10. 1978 crankshaft into 1979 CX500

    Technical Help Forum
    1978 crankshaft into 1979 CX500 [SOLVED] I'm in need of a crankshaft for my 1979 CX and found this one on ebay: 1978 78 Honda CX500 Crank Crankshaft AT LKQ Motorsports | eBay Mine has the same markings BB BB. Just wondering if this unit will drop right in? Price is decent and it looks to be in...