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  1. Hand Crank Advice

    Technical Help Forum
    Getting closer and closer to getting this thing fired up. This weekend, gonna tackle the valve adjustments and plugs. While there, I wanted to hand crank the engine. Been sitting unused about 25yrs. When I got it, the guy said he gave it a quick hand-crank and was ok, just hoping he squirted a...
  2. Troubleshoot

    General Discussion
    Hey I just got a 1979 Honda CX500. I put in new carbs and a new battery and went to see if it would crank. I have power, the neutral light and everything comes on. But when I go to press the start switch nothing happens. The neutral light dims a little but that is it. Can somebody please...
  3. Blown Engine cx500, Many good parts

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Anybody ever had an engine rod to break? My grandson's 81 cx500 broke a rod at about 7000 rpm. He actually rode the bike for another 40 miles afterward. The right connecting rod was broken mid-shaft between the wrist pin and the crank. Neither the pin nor the rod bearings were affected. The...