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  1. My Electric Fan Conversion

    General Discussion
    So the summer heat combined with worsened traffic resultant of several construction projects involving major roadways in the area has prompted me to make the switch to an electric fan. While I wasn't running into overheating under intended conditions, the mechanical fan is just he opposite of...
  2. Engine Temperature at Highway Speeds

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone, I took my first longer ride (120 Miles) on my CX this past weekend. I noticed that in cruising in 5th gear at 6-7,000 rpm my temperature needle was about 2 -3 needle widths above the normal middle sitting point on gauge. If I slowed down to around 5,000 RPM the engine would very...
  3. Help identifying some parts?

    Technical Help Forum
    Help identifying some parts? (resolved) Edit: Thank y'all for the responses, this is so helpful! I'm still trying to learn my way around motorcycles and it can just be hard to find information when I don't know what to google, I really can't thank you enough. Hey ya'll, I'm a noob and I have...
  4. Oil leak through the cooling fan

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys! Im new to this forum and really excited to be here! I'm Looking forward to buy a used Honda cx500, it is really cheap on the price (around 600 dollars). The thing is, it's really cheap since the last time the owner used it, it started leaking oil through the cooling fan. He said it...
  5. Radiator Compatability

    Technical Help Forum
    I took my bike into the shop for a cooling issue which I couldn't make heads or tails of. Turns out one of the previous owners broke the drain plug in the radiator and did a bad job sealing it. The mechanic suggested I just source a replacement radiator, and I was wondering if one from a 1983...
  6. CX 650C - Need Some Guidance With The Cooling System

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys, I need some assistance with my cooling system. My main problem right now is with the temperature gauge. The PO said the bike sat for about 3 years before I bought it. He reported the last few times he rode it the temp gauge worked only sporadically. So far I've flushed all the...
  7. Cooling help

    Technical Help Forum
    First off, thank you to everyone here... I'm new to bikes and have been turning a donor 79 cx500 custom into a cafe' of sorts. I'm having a great time but I'm stuck now. I just installed new blinkers and first off, they turn on but don't flash, also, since I messed with that wiring I'm...
  8. Temp/ temp gauge/ cooling issues?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all, I am working on a 1979 cx500c. I bought it from a kid recently who told me that there was a temperature issue. He said he was told that it was a mech seal issue in the water pump. I check the engine oil, it all looks brand new. There doesn't seem to be any coolant leaking into the...
  9. WTF 81 cx500 radiator, coolant pipes, and radiator fan.

    Selling and Buying Forum
    WTB 81 cx500 radiator, coolant pipes, and radiator fan. Also. Anyone know a good resource for stainless hardware?