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  1. Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I am new to posting on the forum. I bought an 82' GL500 in September and I spent the winter trying to turn it in to a cafe racer. Once the weather broke here in Indiana, the bike was running perfect until the cam shaft holder gasket failed and dumped oil all over my garage overnight...
  2. Technical Help Forum
    Hello All! I am posting today due to a coolant issue with my bike. I feel that I have exhausted all options, but maybe I can get some help. The Story One afternoon, I was riding. Coolant was spraying from the Front-lower-right side I'd the radiator (near drain plug) Tested the radiator, it...
  3. Technical Help Forum
    Having finally got the bike running properly it's now over heating! Having enough the bike stationary today for a few minutes it didn't take long for the temperature gauge to reach the red! The fan is working and according the bloke I purchased it off the water pump seal was recent done, which...
1-4 of 4 Results