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  1. Coolant Burst

    General Discussion
    Need a little diagnostic help!! I was riding down some beautiful country roads. Cruising at around 40 mph. Then out of nowhere I feel a splash and my right arm is all wet. I look down and it’s green. I thought it was some kid maybe threw some Gatorade on me while I was riding but there was no...
  2. Let's see your non-stock coolant reservoirs

    Where Can I Find...
    I'd like to bolt a bottle style overflow reservoir to the side of the radiator and eliminate the tank behind the engine. Looking for ideas of what you guys have come up with.
  3. Coolant system Parts Sourcing UK

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys, out of interest, does anyone know where in the UK I can source the copper washer, 6mm end bolt and thrust washer for the impeller assembly on eBay or something (links would be great :D ) Typing in the OEM part number )(or the one I have at least) on eBay only gives me USA parts with...
  4. Coolant Leak and Loss of Power

    Technical Help Forum
    The answers to these questions may be posted somewhere else, but I couldn't find them, so please forgive me if they are. A little background first. I did a"double bypass," I guess, this past winter. I replaced the cam chain and tensioners and the mechanical seal. After getting it started up and...
  5. CX500 Milkshake

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone. New to the forum. Bought a 1978 CX500 last week and ran into a few problems this weekend that have me pretty bummed and searching for a place to start to get this machine roadworthy again. I'm going to be as detailed as possible about the situation in hoping one of you will spot...
  6. Overheating and grinding noise from front of engine

    Technical Help Forum
    First off some history. I purchased the bike and rode for about 20 minutes, on my way home, before it heated up. I stopped and checked it. Oil was boiling, because of all the coolant in it. The previous owner, admittedly not mechanically inclined, had put jb weld in the weep hole to "fix" the...
  7. WTF 81 cx500 radiator, coolant pipes, and radiator fan.

    Selling and Buying Forum
    WTB 81 cx500 radiator, coolant pipes, and radiator fan. Also. Anyone know a good resource for stainless hardware?