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  1. all balls racing cbr600rr conversion

    Custom How To
    Hi everyone, I am doing a full front end cbr600rr conversion on my cx500 I ordered the correct parts from all balls 99-3511-5 for the top and 99-3511-5 for the bottom The bottom kit comes with two additional washers: a thicker one of smaller radius and a thinner one of larger radius I've read...
  2. 2007 1000rr front end conversion

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I am doing a 2007 1000rr front end conversion and haven't found much on it. So far everything I have removed off the bike is going great. I'm going to try and post some good pictures for others looking to do the same. What have others done? 1. Has anyone came up with a way to use the 1000rr...
  3. new aftermarket front turn signals 82 GL500 Interstate

    Custom How To
    Hello, I have a 82 Honda GL500 Interstate SilverWing I picked up a few weeks ago, I'm a junior tech at the Honda Powersports shop I work at so I come across a lot of cheap upgrade (which is how I wound up with these) but I'm stuck on an issue. I am in the middle of converting the front end from...
  4. GL500 Fork Swap Options

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hey guys! I've been lurking this forum for a while now and thought it's about time I join in and contribute. For the past week, I've been researching possible fork upgrades for my GL500 project and compiled a list of cartridge CBR forks that may fit. I haven't pulled the trigger on a new set of...
  5. USD Forks...Which ones?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi everybody Just got my 1980 Cx500 and doing aq cafe racer conversion. I want some upside down forks on it....Any ideas which bikes forks would fit for yolks etc? Thanks Hayley
  6. 1982 Gl500 Mono Shock Conversion

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hello, I am looking to do a conversion of my original mono shock to a different better looking/ better performing shock and I wanted to know if there were any suggesting of mono shocks from other bikes that would convert over to the Gl500 relatively easily, i.e. require no welding. I know some...
  7. Monoshock conversion kit

    Where Can I Find...
    Hi! Gonna try to convert my cx500. Saw this on fleebay: I'm not that familiar with metalwork so this would take a lot less of my time. Any thoughts?
  8. cx 500 c parts. converting to cafe

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hey guys I am converting my 79 cx500 into a cafe racer. I have a bunch of parts to get rid of. All of them are in nearly perfect condition. I will just list the parts and if you want something let me know. If you want to buy it as a package that would be great. Make reasonable offers based on...
  9. Converting air box to filter pods

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I'm looking for some advice for a novice motorcycle enthusiast. I inherited a 1981 Honda CX500c from my father in approx 2007. I would really like to turn the bike into a Cafe Racer. My next step is to get rid of the air box and replace it with some conical air filter pods. How difficult would...