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  1. 81 CX Custom Pegs fit 83 GL650i?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Hi Guys, My left front peg has magically worn out. It likes to fall into a 45 degree angle randomly :crazy: makes for an interesting ride when your foot falls off the peg. Anyway I found a used front left peg for a 81 CX500 Does anyone know how I can verify the compatibility of these? I've...
  2. GL500 intake manifold question (compatibility with gl650?)

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a GL500 that needs help. The left (longer) intake manifold has a small crack/hole/leak that jbweld just can't be trusted with. I have 2 questions pertaining to this issue... 1: does anybody have one laying around that is in good working order? I don't need the rubber (boot) portion to...