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  1. Clutch not working

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, I'm a new member and just picked up cx500d that's been in storage since 2001. One of the many issues it has is that the clutch doesn't release when you squeeze the lever. I can that the cable is working. Any suggestions on next steps? Thank you
  2. Clutch Tightening Up at & after sustained Speed of 50-60mph

    Technical Help Forum
    For some reason, after I get my 1982 CX500 up to 50-60mph for a decent amount of time (5 minutes), when I slow down my clutch is very tight and difficult to pull in. I just had to pull off the side of the road, where I stalled. When the bike was off, the clutch was still sticking an very hard...
  3. GL650 Clutch basket issue

    Technical Help Forum
    GL650 Clutch basket issue - assistance needed I am working on a 1983 GL-650. I pulled the clutch pack out. As I am reinstalling the clutch outer housing, I can not get it to seat into the engine thoroughly. I think it is because of the two gears on the outside of the housing are offset. It...
  4. High rpms for gears?

    Technical Help Forum
    She idles nicely, but it seems like I need high rpms at speed. Like I'll be in 5th for 40mph and about 4-5k rpms. My clutch seems to engage fine from the lever. Maybe I need to let out some slack for it to engage in the engine more as in it's not fully engaged and slipping some? Doesn't...
  5. What Have I Done?!!! - A Clutch Fiasco

    Technical Help Forum
    So, I pulled the clutch basket out of my bike and discovered that my suspicions were right (it was actually in much worse condition than expected). My clutch was fried to the point that the fiber disks were deteriorated and started crumbling off of their disks in some chunks, and the steel...
  6. Shorter Clutch cable and levers

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I'm having some trouble finding the right clutch cable length and lever for my 1982 cx500c. A lot of cables I find only work for cx500 up to 81 or below. I Need a shorter than stock length for mustache/low cruiser type bars. If anyone has any suggestions of who to go through for finding one...
  7. Potentially broken.... clutch assembly posts? Idk. Help.

    Technical Help Forum
    So... are these supposed to jiggle independently? 2 of them seem mounted together, the other two seem independent. I'm worried I broke whatever mounts them together in back.
  8. Clutch tool?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, My clutch seems to be slipping. Only happens when I really hit the gas hard, feels like it slips and grabs quickly two or three times, of course I let off the gas when it happens. Anyhow, I made sure my free play at the clutch handle is correct, and my oil does not have friction...
  9. Blown Engine cx500, Many good parts

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Anybody ever had an engine rod to break? My grandson's 81 cx500 broke a rod at about 7000 rpm. He actually rode the bike for another 40 miles afterward. The right connecting rod was broken mid-shaft between the wrist pin and the crank. Neither the pin nor the rod bearings were affected. The...
  10. Anybody ever had an engine rod to break?

    General Discussion
    My grandson's 81 cx500 broke a rod at about 7000 rpm. He actually rode the bike for another 40 miles afterward. The right connecting rod was broken mid-shaft between the wrist pin and the crank. Neither the pin nor the rod bearings were affected. The remaining attached portion slapped around...
  11. 1980 cx500 custom oil leak question

    General Discussion
    Hello, I'm the new owner to a cx500 from 1980, I've been going over everything and re-sealing, re-greasing and replacing anything worn or broken As I was working on the forks, off the bike, the jack I had under the motor decompressed to the point that the bike leaned down, not falling, but sat...
  12. Proud New GL6560 Owner

    General Discussion
    Greetings! New owner here but a long time rider. Have always liked the CX series of bikes - but never had one until now... Lucky enough to find an '83 time capsule that I really could not refuse. It's a GL650 Standard (Nimbus Gray) w/only a little over 7000 original miles - and looks it...
  13. Jut ordered some new stuff!

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    Just ordered new stuff! Ordered new tires, clutch kit, new clutch springs and an ignitech (thanks to Cobram!) Ignitech should be coming today, tires and clutch kit should be here by the 20th, and the springs by Oct. 8, kind of a bummer was hopin to do the clutch all at once ASAP. Looks like...
  14. clutch operation on cx500 turbo doesnt feel right

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hello, I live in Shakopee mn and have recently purchased 2 cx500 turbos. The clutch operation on one of them does not feel right in comparison to the other bike and in comparison to any other bike I have owned. Symptoms 1) clutch fully engages and disengages and does not seem to slip, no...
  15. It's a shifting thing - Clutch or?

    CX500 & CX650 Turbo Forum
    Hey all, I have got the 1980 500CXD running pretty good. I think the carbs could use a little syncing but not much. When shifting it seems a little hard. Sometimes it doesn't seem to go into second gear easily. Once I get rolling the shifting tends to get better. Recently changed oil but the...
  16. Clutch maybe going bad?

    Technical Help Forum
    I have a cx500c and I'm a bit new to motorcycles, so I'm not sure if its a clutch or clutch cable issue. I noticed this morning the friction zone was quite a bit further away than normal so I tried adjusting the clutch cable. No matter how I adjusted it too, the friction zone is either too far...
  17. clutch plate looks as though someone sized it to fit

    Technical Help Forum
    so I took my clutch apart to inspect the friction plates. half of them are worn to the point of having no slinger grooves. I also came across on of the clutch plates that look as if someone had pushed a cone through the center to size it like a wedding ring. I need to know if this is normal or...
  18. GL500 brake and clutch lever options? anything else a direct fit?

    Where Can I Find...
    I'd like to change the levers on my bike as the original ones are slightly bent, and are slightly too long for the bars now that ive put clip ons on it. I cant seem to find any after market ones specifically for the GL500, so i'm wondering if anything else will fit on, so I can look for...