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clutch plates

  1. Clutch Tightening Up at & after sustained Speed of 50-60mph

    Technical Help Forum
    For some reason, after I get my 1982 CX500 up to 50-60mph for a decent amount of time (5 minutes), when I slow down my clutch is very tight and difficult to pull in. I just had to pull off the side of the road, where I stalled. When the bike was off, the clutch was still sticking an very hard...
  2. clutch replacement required

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hi, i am in desperate need of some new friction and steel plates. Its a miracle my bike still runs. I had the bike in pieces for 4 months and i knew that i need to do the clutch. The plates are way below the limit and now the rattling has started. Here at the southernmost part of Darkest Africa...