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  1. Tools needed for carb cleaning?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi folks, I'm trying to get a 1980 CX running that has been sitting for a number of years without being started. I know the carbs need a nice cleaning and based on the posts here, I went ahead and ordered a copy of Larry's book to guide me through that process. Now, I'm fairly comfortable with...
  2. CX teardown how to clean parts individually

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right forum, I'm new to this. Here's the context: I'm an engineering student and I got bored of theoretical classes so I decided to get my hands dirty. I'm a crafty guy but to be honest I don't have much experience in engine rebuilding. A couple of month ago...
  3. fixing my 81 cx500c

    General Discussion
    :furious:hmm Hi guys. I'm new to this forum and bikes in general. I'm glad I got this honda as the community here seems awesome. Anyway, I bought larrys book (wow is he detailed!). I tore the carb off yesterday as well as replaced the tach cable. Cant wait till my bike is mint. I am...
  4. Seeking advice regarding Polishing/cleaning engine block

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, this would be my first post, I'm a reasonably new cx500 owner. Putting some work on my 1980 custom. Was just wondering if someone knew the best method for cleaning up the engine block, mine has a fair bit of corrosion and doesnt look great. I would like to keep it semi close to the...
  5. To clean or not clean the carbs?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new as a registered user, but have been enjoying this wealth of information on here for a while (Thanks to everyone for that!). I recently encountered an issue to which I couldn't find a post about. I have a 1982 GL500 that I purchased a year ago with 14,000 miles on it. The...
  6. Cleaning... well, everything

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, just got my first motorcycle, a '78 CX500 that's been in a barn apparently since '89. Gave the metal a spray down with GUNK and pressure washed it to see what I was working with and overall it seems ok, but there are some things that definitely need looked at before trying to start it...
  7. Odd fuel tank sludge and cleaning

    Technical Help Forum
    So, when I got the bike the fuel line was already cut... Not sure why, too lazy to remove it I guess? But I noticed a thick yellow oil around the line that was odd. Removed the tank today, used the pressure washer to clean the bike and see what's what. Expected the tank to be empty because...
  8. Ignition Switch Clearning

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Folks, Not sure this photo will upload properly, but I was in the process of cleaning and hopefully fixing my ignition switch when I notice a funny looking connection on the underside of the black plate. I think that it is probably okay but wanted to see what you thought.