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  1. Autosol was not enough... What now?

    Technical Help Forum
    I decided to give my valve covers a good sunday rub with some autosol and a Dremel. At first it seemed okay, but once you dried it of there was still alot of small imperfections in the aluminium that is just a thorn in my eye. Any good recommendations for getting that mirror like finish?
  2. Removing Chrome - Plating

    Off-Topic Posts
    So, I've been cleaning up old smoking pipes... tobacco pipes, got a few from a local guy selling them, been cleaning them up. 1 pipe is an older Koolsmoke, from probably the '60-70s. It's mainly aluminum and chrome plated. Chrome is 60% gone so wanted to strip the rest off. Obviously not...
  3. GL650 GL500 CX? MC Enterprises Floorboards, Heel Toe Shifter, Highway Pegs, Crash Bar

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I had these posted in a previous thread. But I haven't figured out how to successfully edit that thread. So it's just easier to make another. I've removed the crash bars now, and cleaned them up a little. They are coming off of a 1983 GL650 with 19k miles on it. I fit them on my 1981 GL500 just...