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  1. Autosol was not enough... What now?

    Technical Help Forum
    I decided to give my valve covers a good sunday rub with some autosol and a Dremel. At first it seemed okay, but once you dried it of there was still alot of small imperfections in the aluminium that is just a thorn in my eye. Any good recommendations for getting that mirror like finish?
  2. GL650 GL500 CX? MC Enterprises Floorboards, Heel Toe Shifter, Highway Pegs, Crash Bar

    Selling and Buying Forum
    I had these posted in a previous thread. But I haven't figured out how to successfully edit that thread. So it's just easier to make another. I've removed the crash bars now, and cleaned them up a little. They are coming off of a 1983 GL650 with 19k miles on it. I fit them on my 1981 GL500 just...