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  1. Please help! Bike won’t start with choke and dies when not pulling the throttle.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone, I have been following the site for months now on my build. It’s been very informative but now I can’t find any discussion on my problem. I have had many bikes in the past but this is the first time I’ve tampered with the factory settings. I have a 79 cx500. Over the past few...
  2. Idling issues for Gloria

    Technical Help Forum
    hey guys, Just Bought an 82 Honda GL500 Silverwing last week. She's a beaut and named her Gloria. But thats not the point, for the first couple of days she ran Optimally. Then it poured yesterday and ever since then shes been idling very odd (not that the rain is the cause, at least I don't...
  3. Running rich

    Technical Help Forum
    So I bought a rebuilt '78 a few months ago. It ran pretty smoothly for the first bit, but it was really rich and backfired when you shut it off. Now it seems like it isn't getting enough fuel past second gear. It tries to go, but it stutters and unless you put the clutch in, it dies. This is my...
  4. 1982 GL500 Repairs

    General Discussion
    hey guys, I wrecked my 1982 honda gl500 2 summers ago and have finally got it running again. Unfortunately due to the recent cold weather i snapped the choke cable off just below the metal plug and my throttle is stuck wide open. I have adjusted the throttle via the choke mechanism so that...