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  1. battery not being charged, GL 400

    Technical Help Forum
    Bike is a 1985 GL400, Japanese spec CX500, TI ignition, runs well and has a new good quality lead acid battery. Bike ran out of electricity after filling up with fuel, a quick bump start down the road and all went well. Had a brand new spare reg/rectifier at home and fitted it straight away, all...
  2. Battery Not Charging on 1979 CX500 Custom

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys, I am the newish owner of a 1979 cx500 custom with 22k miles. Everything is working but the charging system. I've redone the carbs using Larry's carb book, replaced coils, spark plugs, and new gel cell battery. It's running great besides the battery not charging. At first, I thought it...
  3. GL500 Dead Battery Blues - Newbie rider having a real rough time here

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey all! So I acquired my first bike, a 1981 GL500, about a month ago and have been loving learning to ride so far. Today I had my first dead battery, and it is 100% dead dead - no indicator lights, nothing from the starter, nada. I believe I accidentally left the key turned to P and maybe...
  4. Help understanding stator test, Is my stator bad?????

    Technical Help Forum
    I've read several posts on testing my gl650I stator but am having trouble understanding my results. I checked the resistance on the 3 yellow wires in pairs and all tested like they should. I then checked from ground (negative battery terminal) to each of the yellow wires. I was surprised to...
  5. Electrical problem, dug around the thread but would appreciate any tips!

    General Discussion
    My bike had a turn signal malfunction, which I amended. The rear signals stopped working and the front signals would simply shut off instead of blinking (right turn signal switch on: left turn signal on/right turn signal off. vice versa). After checking my fuses and bulbs, I literally pressed...
  6. 81 CX500 Electrical Troubleshooting

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm venturing into working on my bike for the first time. After sitting for months in the Nashville winter, it was great to get it running yesterday with a charged battery and a little Seafoam. Felt amazing to ride after 7 months. The most apparent problem is that the battery...
  7. CX500 Electrical Build poll corrected

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, thought a big picture of what CX500 ignition electrics people are running would enlighten many of us as to just how big the problem is and what direction others go when replacing faulty electrics. :confused: