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  1. '79 CX500 charging/starting issue.

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I have a 1979 CX500C. Everything was running as normal until today. Symptoms: -Battery is charged at 12.8V when ignition off. -Turn key to "ON" position, battery drops to 0.12V (Nothing works). -If charge is put on the battery, everything lights up and works properly (Bike will start...
  2. Antigravity battery and charging system

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys... So here is sort of a dumb question but... I’m looking to change the battery in my Gl500 with an 8 cell antigravity battery. I was told that I need to get a new regulator and people suggested the mosfet Shindengen FH020AA. Not that this should matter but the bikes ignition system is...
  3. Salvaged Motor Project

    Technical Help Forum
    I picked up what I believe to be a 1982 CX500 motor from a buddy of mine. The motor came from a bike that was total in an accident, and as salvage yard do, they sliced all wires right at the rear cover. I've downloaded SEVERAL wiring diagrams for the bike but unfortunately they haven't helped me...
  4. Charging System Problems

    General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 1979 CX500C The bike ran perfect, then last week randomly died. After a boost it started and got me home. Figuring it was a bad battery I bought a new one. Ran great for a few days then, again died. Once boosted it runs fine till it's turned off. Then won't have enough power to...