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charging problem

  1. Help understanding stator test, Is my stator bad?????

    Technical Help Forum
    I've read several posts on testing my gl650I stator but am having trouble understanding my results. I checked the resistance on the 3 yellow wires in pairs and all tested like they should. I then checked from ground (negative battery terminal) to each of the yellow wires. I was surprised to...
  2. Charging System: Help Interpreting Test Results

    Technical Help Forum
    My battery is losing power, not recharging. The bike won't start after a few rides on a fully charged battery. Battery Tests I tested using two fully charged batteries. neither of which I'm confident are in great shape, but both of which are showing approximately the following: - Full charge...
  3. Stator Check - Beginning to fail? Time to replace?

    Technical Help Forum
    I was having battery issues, so I decided to follow the procedure of the "BATTERY CHARGING PROBLEMS" in the CX WIKI. First, I discovered my battery needed to be replaced. It was old and I wasn't surprised to discover this. After a fresh, sealed battery, I checked the charging system and stator...