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  1. Technical Help Forum
    Me again... Got bike running of sorts after standing for x years but its not very happy....looking at plugs (both replaced and gapped right along with new HT leads and caps ) it shows both black and soooty even thought choke not used (or needed ) to start and not sticking on. Have removed...
  2. Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys, I'm about to remove my Airbox and replace it with filters. I am aware I need to rejet my carbs but am confused with the anatomy of the jets. Specifically which jets do the 90 and 120 refer to? Sorry I'm sure this would have been covered before! Thanks in advance. Lee - 1981 CX500...
  3. Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys! I'm going over my carburettors and noticed that the outlet controller (no idea what it's called) are mounted wrong. Becuase of this it does'nt close or open properly. How do I mount it back to it's proper position? And what consequences can this lead to if not fixed?
  4. Technical Help Forum
    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if the carb kits are different for the different year models? I have a 1981 CX 500 but can only find kits for the 1979 on ebay Thanks
  5. Technical Help Forum
    Hi all, great forum which I am new too. Can someone help with small matter of additional O-ring in OEM Carburettor Gasket Set? I have two Gasket Sets, two additional small O-rings, about 2mm thick & 5mm outside diameter, virtual duplicate for the ones in the "Air cut-off valve assembly", but not...
  6. Technical Help Forum
    Hi there, You guys have a wealth of knowledge out there and you have helped me before. I have a 1984 650E UK spec and have successfully rebuilt engine , new seals, big end bearings etc and no water/ oli leaks and runs fine from 3000 revs but will not pull cleanly below about 3000 and it stutters...
1-6 of 6 Results