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  1. Split Carb Overflow Tube?

    Technical Help Forum
    About a year ago I did a carb teardown, clean, and rebuild per Larry's guide. At the time the o-rings on the fuel cross tube had dry rotted and was leaking fuel. I was able to solve that problem but developed a new one. The left carb now has a steady drip from the overflow drain hose. I swapped...
  2. Straight pipes and bell filters. Jet sizes?

    CX Customization and Mods Forum
    I'm in the rebuild section of my CX500C, and have added two short straight pipes that exit next to my feet, and bell mouth filters. I know I will have to change the jet sizes and then adjust the air/fuel mixture screws. But I don't know what sizes of jets to buy or if I will need a different...
  3. Hellooo everyone. Do these carbs look odd to you?

    Technical Help Forum
    I'm new here so firstly hello from sunny (today) England. I bought an 81 CX500 as my first big project for a cafe racer conversion. Anyway, it came as a non runner, I took the carbs off to give them a clean and I've just noticed it looks like I've got a connecting tube is missing. I don't know...
  4. Carbs.. Having trouble getting them "out"

    Technical Help Forum
    I've disconnected, i think, everything that I need to, but I can't seem to get these off. Also the hose connector is ripping (the guy had tape around them..) could someone point me in the direction for new ones? Thanks.
  5. Carburetor Swap CX500 79 - 82

    Technical Help Forum
    I found a set of carbs from a 1982 CX 500 Deluxe. Will they fit my 79 CX 500 Custom? I have seen a few other questions like this, but I don't know if there is a comprehensive list somewhere to make the comparison.
  6. '81 CX500 Carburetors, Cone filters, 90/120, Boots

    Selling and Buying Forum
    These came off my '81 CX500 Deluxe. They were rebuilt and polished by LRCXed a few years ago and ran great. But I replaced them with a set of Murray's carbs. They've maintained their high polished look. Are jetted 90/120. Come with K&N tapered cone filers and boots (no leaks). And they...
  7. '81 CX500 carburetors, filters, intake boots, and rebuild book

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Set of '81 CX500 carburetors, filters, intake boots. Had been rebuilt by LRCXed Larry a couple years ago, hence the high polish. Clean inside/out. Includes K&N filters, intake boots, and custom laminar flow elements (goes inside filter). Also includes carb rebuild book written by Larry. Take...
  8. carbs problem

    Technical Help Forum
    hi. i'm in ottawa canada and it's my third year with my 1981 honda cx500. i'm trying to do as much of the maintenance myself and this year i decided to clean out my carburetors. unfortunately that did not work as planned. when i start the bike it runs only if i have the choke on. if i take...
  9. '80 cx500 carb issue

    Technical Help Forum
    After putting my carbs back together and hooking up fuel on the bench, the left carb is leaking fuel from what I think is the atmospheric vent. It looks like a brass post with holes on top and bottom and is jutting out just above the main fuel tube. The right carb does not have this problem...
  10. Carburetor do I adjust?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys! Just took the CX500 out for a ride today and noticed that when I really got into it accelerating up a hill, the engine would pull fine until around 5500rpm and then it would bog down. Almost like it had a rev limiter. The bike runs great and has tons of power up until that point. I...
  11. Running issues!

    Technical Help Forum
    So I was finally able to get the bike running after cleaning the carbs 3 times.. Now it seems to be backfiring through the exhaust! Fire is also coming out the exhaust pipe when I pull the throttle back with load popping.. I pulled the spark plugs and found the right side was wet with black oil...
  12. Never-ending high idle

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, So I used to have a bad high idle problem. My bike idled at around 3k RPM's when it was warm. I recently bought the Randakk's rebuild kit and rebuilt my carbs and cleaned them through and through. Once I got my carbs back together, I went to start the bike, and things have...
  13. Continued problems with fuel system

    Technical Help Forum
    So I just got my freshly larry-fied carburetors installed on my bike, all the hoses and cables reconnected, and the rest put together. Unfortunately, it won't start. I installed a clear plastic fuel filter but I don't see any fuel going through. I've heard that later CXs have vacuum pumps, and...