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  1. Gas won't get to the engine

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello everyone, I recently got my hands on the old cx500 custom 1980 that I used to ride when I was in high school. My sister had it at her place for about 6 years and it hasn't run in almost 3 years. Before they put the bike away it ran perfectly. The carbs had been cleaned, the clutch plates...
  2. Carbs CX500E / GL500 - fuel pipes?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello, I cleaned carbs CX500 Eurosport PC06 (should be the same as GL500), and I found out interesting problem. The original assembly should have two fuel joint pipes (see the photo). I was surprised that the secound pipe was completely missing. The holes were pretty covered by dust, so i...
  3. Honda cx500 custom carbs

    Selling and Buying Forum
    Hello. I have a set of carbs for a Honda cx500 Custom, 1978-1982, or so I was told. I put them on my bike naively thinking I might get to actually ride it before last summer was over. They leaked really bad as soon as I opened the fuel valve. Can anyone tell me what they might be worth? Or...
  4. Carbs leaking gas

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I rebuilt the carbs on my 79 and when I turn the gas on, within seconds it's coming out the overflow. I tried tapping on the bowls with a rubber mallet, no luck. I put the original floats back in and same results. Any help diagnosing this issue would be wonderful. thanks
  5. 1982 CX500 Custom - pilot jet location and rotation?

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi All, A new bike has recently come into my life. An '82 CX500 Custom. Stepson just bought this from a guy who had it as a starter bike. It looks sharp, obviously kept inside and has been maintained well. Previous owner said he had a guy rebuild the carbs, but that he wasn't totally happy...
  6. 82 GL Carb questions

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi, New member here. Cleaned and installed the carbs today and of course the left cylinder now isn't running so I just took the off again and didn't see anything obvious that I screwed up. I will give the another go tomorrow. They sure do come off and go back on easy enough. Any thoughts...
  7. Broken Carb Idle Screw

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi guys, I'm a new member and this is my first post. This is also my first bike and my first attempt at cleaning out a carburetor which pisses me off because I should have been more careful taking it apart. One of the adjustment screws was bent and when I turned it the top broke off inside the...
  8. Is it called a Pilot??

    Technical Help Forum
    At the bottom of the image (provided by Blindstitch) theres a red arrow. Is it pointing at the 'Pilot?' Is that what it is called? There are 2 of them, another to the right. My question is, in the kit, there are 2 provided, does it matter which goes where??? I noticed that the holes are...