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carb rebuild

  1. Split Carb Overflow Tube?

    Technical Help Forum
    About a year ago I did a carb teardown, clean, and rebuild per Larry's guide. At the time the o-rings on the fuel cross tube had dry rotted and was leaking fuel. I was able to solve that problem but developed a new one. The left carb now has a steady drip from the overflow drain hose. I swapped...
  2. carb newby

    Technical Help Forum
    Hi everyone I own a 1981 honda cx500 deluxe and im trying to clean my carbs. i have bought the carb book and the cleaner and all but once i remove the carbs out of the bike i saw that there was two nipples where gas was flowing out when i tilt the carbs one in each side, i dont remember...
  3. Rubber Carb Plugs and Gaskets

    Technical Help Forum
    Well, back working on my bike again after a year long 'break'. :) Carbs were rebuilt using that Larry's Carb Guide book... cleaned, sonic cleaned, re-jetted for no air box, etc... Problem I'm having is that well, firstly I bought a 'basic' rebuild kit off eBay. Didn't come with the rubber carb...
  4. Carb rebuilt and STILL not working

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey everyone, New user and new to motorcycles. I've been working on my 1980 CX500c for a while trying to get it running. I saw it ride 2 years ago when I bought it but It hasn't worked since. As I've gathered from most troubleshooting forums, the carbs are the issue. So I got myself a Carb...
  5. Bought a CX500. Turns out the engine is 395 cc - help me identify my bike!

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys. This summer I bought what I thought was a cx500 custom. As it was my first bike ever I didn't really consider it a possiblity, but having a closer look it seems like it is a bike put together. As I want to restore what I can on it I need som help identifying it. I have had a close...
  6. Carbs leaking gas

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I rebuilt the carbs on my 79 and when I turn the gas on, within seconds it's coming out the overflow. I tried tapping on the bowls with a rubber mallet, no luck. I put the original floats back in and same results. Any help diagnosing this issue would be wonderful. thanks
  7. Repairing an old 1980 cx500c

    West / West Coast CX500 Owners
    I got a slightly broken bike a couple months ago and am trying to fix it up. I'm pretty much a beginner with bikes in general and I'm trying to decide if I should take it into the shop or keep working on it myself. I've need working on putting the carb back together and am getting a bit...