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carb leak

  1. CX500 Won't Start.... Carb Problems??

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey Guys!! Appreciate any help I can get here. So I have a 1980 cx500 cafe racer build. The air filter box has been removed and there's a filter on each carb like most cafe builds. I've had a tear in the right inlet for a few weeks now, so the bike has been spitting and coughing a lot. But...
  2. 1979 Carb Leak - Possible Fix?

    Technical Help Forum
    Before I pose my question, I'd like to note that I am extremely novice when it comes to motorcycle mechanics and repairs but I would love to become competent enough to work on them myself. I have tried to answer my question by searching through previous threads but despite the knowledgable...
  3. Carbs leaking gas

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I rebuilt the carbs on my 79 and when I turn the gas on, within seconds it's coming out the overflow. I tried tapping on the bowls with a rubber mallet, no luck. I put the original floats back in and same results. Any help diagnosing this issue would be wonderful. thanks
  4. gas leaking from carb

    Technical Help Forum
    I started getting a gas leak from my carbs. I took off the tank to see where it was coming from. when I blew a bit of air in to see where it was going out, it seemed to be coming out of this nipple on the right carb. does anyone know what it is and if a hose used to hook up to it? if so where...
  5. New to bikes, need help with diagnosis

    Technical Help Forum
    Hello I recently bought a 1980 honda cx500c. .. i got it from a friend at work and he had the carbs off of it as far as I know the bike was last registered back in 94 and could of just sat since then. The kids dad thought he was gonna have it for a bit and bought a jet kit for it before I got...
  6. Carb Leak question

    Technical Help Forum
    Hey guys, I've been lurking around for about a year since i got my 1980 cx500 but this is my first time posting. So after multiple other issues(rad leak, battery, ect.) my bike was running great, i rode it everyday a few months and then went away for a weekend. When i came back and turned my...